Your hosts Micky Bumbar (left) and Nikolay Nikolov.

Your hosts Micky Bumbar (left) and Nikolay Nikolov.

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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. As a genuine, beer-swilling Aussie drongo, I really enjoyed your 10 worst beers list. Wankers over here like to order Heineken or Stella because, coming from overseas, they are expensive and must taste better: they’re ordinary and revolting, respectively. I’m quite happy to apologise for Foster’s Export and must report that it REALLY IS for EXPORT ONLY. It’s a big country but, last time I checked, nobody here has either heard of it or admits to drinking it. At 4%, you need to drink such a volume that would need dialysis to remove. I also happen to be a proud expert of American bottom shelf beers and, while I concur with your list, I find it really insulting when I show up with a case of Natty Boh and the Mrs says ‘Oh, I’m so sorry: Wayne’s a Pabst man!’, as is they’re immutably proud of this situation. Happy drinking, cobber – I’m off to chew dags and suck woollabrawonga*. Cheers!
    [The sheep dip.]

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  2. Hey Micky;

    I will start by saying that i love the hard work you guys put on this website; its fun, informative yet most of all and personally it makes me feel less different. Although i would highly appreciate it if you could make a small addition to the website and make like a daily\social chatting window in which ppl could share their crazy drinking nights and probably learn new stuff or just have few laughs.

    Yours truly;

    Joe the Drunk !

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    • Hi Joe,
      I’m happy you like what we do here. We could explore the option of an own chatbox or something. Let me see if this is possible, as we are mostly bound to what WordPress is offering us.


  3. hello Mickey,
    my name is Anna and I’m a Muslim, and I’m seriously upset about the article you wrote about Muslims, and how it’s not forbidden ( Halal ) for them to drink wine or beer whatsoever. I respect you and all the researches you’ve done but I can tell you that you know nothing about my religion. and I can ( and gladly will ) prove that.
    Quran has an all encompassing style to include ALL that can cause an altercation of senses and power of judgment.
    in a verse of Quran in chapter ( surat ) : albakara,

    يسالونك عن الخمر والميسر قل فيهما اثم كبير ومنافع للناس واثمهما اكبر من نفعهما ويسالونك ماذا ينفقون قل العفو كذلك يبين الله لكم الايات لعلكم تتفكرون 
    “They ask you about intoxicants and gambling: say, “In them there is a gross “ithm” (sin), and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit.”

    Now the benefit in this part means when it’s used medically. Knowing as how it’s pain numbing and strong. Islam is a religion of simpleness. It’s just as strict as it’s considerate.
    That was one of many proofs that what you wrote there is wrong and shoud not be there on many levels, and so I kindly ask you to take it down because it messes up our image and what we stand for as Muslims, God has forbidden us from everything that could harm us as humans including Alcohol, pork mean, and so on, which makes what you mentioned in your article lies, I’ll finally ask you one last time to please respect us Muslims and take that down, and I suggest, if you’re interested, that maybe you could try and do some researches on Islam on trusted websites and I’d be glad to help if you need any. Thank you.


    • Hi Anna,
      Thanks for taking the time to write this comment. Perhaps it was better to post it under the article you refer to, so it could be a valuable part of an interesting discussion. All I can say is that I stand behind the article I wrote. Since there is no such thing as 1 Islam, as there are as many streams and different interpretations as in Christianity I don’t think we can really say who is right and who is wrong for sure. This is my explanation after reading the various texts about alcohol consumption. Some will agree, some will disagree.


  4. Hi Lords and Sirs

    I donated some money today to your excellent mansion nestled within the confines of inebriated society and I would suggest that if you are feeling impecunious then enhancement of “famous drunks in history” to include the wits of satire king Peter Cook and that formidable debating polymath known as “The Hitch” might alleviate matters to some degree.



    • Hi Andrew,
      Thanks a lot for the donation. To be honest I wasn’t too familiar with Peter Cook, as he was big quite a bit before my time. But I definitely want to look into his stories. Thanks a lot for the tip.


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