International Hangover Food

Trying some of the most effective hangover food around the world. From left to right: shkembe chorba in Bulgaria, khashi in Georgia and Zurek in Poland.

For quite some time Lords of the Drinks has brought  you delicious recipes for hangover food from all over the world. These are all dishes that are believed to bring you back to life after a night of heavy fueling. Most of these recipes  have been around and effective for centuries. For sure they are a lot healthier than the pills and energy drinks a lot of people use these days to fix their ‘morning sickness’. So take a look at the largest collection of international hangover food recipes and pick a medicine you like.

Albania – Tarator (cold yoghurt soup with garlic and cucumber)
Angola – Caldo de peixe (fish soup with potatoes and cassava)
Argentina – Revuelto Gramajo (scrambled eggs with ham and potatoes)
Australia – Pie floater (peas soup with a meat pie on top)
Belgium – Kater salade (salad with herring as the main ingredient)
Bolivia – Fricasé (spicy pork stew)
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pače (soup from veal shank)
Brazil – Pastel (deep-fried pastry)
Bulgaria – Shkembe chorba (very simple tripe soup)
Canada – Poutine (greasy dish with fries and cheese curds)
Chile – Ajiaco (firm beef and potato soup)
China – Congee (rice soup with chicken)
Colombia – Caldo de costilla (soup made from beef ribs)
Croatia – Kisela juha (sour pork soup)
Czech Republic – česnečka (garlic soup with potatoes)
Dominican Republic – Sancocho de siete carnes (7 kinds of meat soup)
Estonia – Hapukapsasupp (sauerkraut soup)
Ethiopia – Quanta firfir (stew with injera and beef)
France – Cassoulet (stew/oven dish with pork and duck meat)
Georgia – Khashi (Powerful soup with tripe)
Germany – Katzenjammersuppe (soup with German saussage and sauerkraut)
Greece – Patsas (soup made from sheep tripe)
Guatemala – Picocita (beer with a special pepper and onion mixture)
Hungary – Lángos (Fried bread, spread with garlic)
Iceland – Sviðasulta (Sheep’s head terrine)
India – Palak Masoor Dal (soup with lentils and spinach)
Iraq – Kishkiyya (stew with yoghurt paste)
Italy – Spaghetti aglio e olio (simple pasta with olive oil and garlic)
Japan – Misoshiru (soup with miso and seafood stock)
Korea – Hae jang guk (soup from pork spine with ox blood)
Kyrgyzstan – Ashlyam Fu (Cold noodle soup)
Mexico – Menudo (tripe soup with Mexican spices)
Moldova – Zeama (chicken soup with egg noodles)
Mongolia – Bantan (creamy soup with meat and dough crumbs)
Netherlands – Haring met uitjes (salted herring with onions)
Panama – Sanocho de gallina (chicken soup with a lot of exotic ingredients)
Peru – Aguadito de pollo (soup from a whole hen)
Peru II – Ceviche (raw fish in citrus juice)
Philippines – Sinigang na baboy (sour pork soup)
Poland – Zurek (soup with Polish white saussage and hard boiled eggs)
Romania – Ciorba de burta (tripe soup with sour cream)
Russia – Malosolnije ogurtsy (homemade dill pickles in brine)
Senegal – Yassa (spicy chicken dish with white rice)
Serbia – Podvarak (dish with sauerkraut, bacon and rice)
Slovakia – Slepačia polievka (simple chicken soup)
Spain – Pincho de tortilla (bites made with potato and egg)
Thailand – Pad ki mao (spicy dish with noodles and chicken)
Turkey – Kokoreç (lamb or goat organs and intestines)
Uganda – Luwombo (chicken and mushrooms steamed in banana leaves)
Ukraine – Solyanka (soup with too many ingredients to mention)
United Kingdom – English breakfast (as well as Irish breakfast, Ulster fry, Scottish breakfast and Welsh breakfast)
Vietnam – Pho (a refreshing beef noodle soup)

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52 thoughts on “International Hangover Food

    • haha indeed it is the best way!!! If you are to sick to start with beer a screwdriver indeed is good… But be sure to drink at least 3 right away… Orange juice in general is very bad for an upset stomach. So don’t hold back on the alcohol!
      I also like a bloody mary or a gin tonic to get started again!


  1. SO much soup haha. Although, that makes sense when you’re dealing with the worst kind of hangover that feels like you’re dying and never want to move from bed, couch, or floor. Soup would be the easiest thing to eat. I’ll have to try it one of these days, thanks for the idea!


  2. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post
    seem to be running off the screen in Firefox. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you
    know. The design look great though! Hope you get
    the issue resolved soon. Kudos


  3. Tripe will NEVER touch these lips!

    I have an easy, clean solution that has always worked for me. After your binge drinking and before you get to bed, take a multivitamin with a full glass of water. You’ll either have no hangover, or a less brutal one the next day, so you can skip the pork spine and ox blood .


  4. i am from india.
    a very popular way of killing the hangover here is having a glass of a strong lemon water or you could just simply lick a slice of lemon or keep it between tour teeth and inner cheek for fifteen minutes.
    it really helps!!


    • Nice! I also heard coconut-milk is a popular cure in India. I was curious if you might have any dishes that are known to have the same effect. Do you know any? We would love to add a dish from the rich Indian cuisine to our collection.


  5. In Russia, it’s common to drink the salty liquid from salted cucumbers and cabbage to cure a hangover, but these recipes look much nicer 🙂


  6. If you are not too drunk, take a tablespoon of sugar dissolved in the glass of water before going to sleep 🙂 really help by giving the enough energy to the organism to metabolize the alcohol while you are sleeping. Multivitamin (or only vitamin C) and multimineral will not hurt at all 🙂 Vit. C is making destruction of alcohol faster (it also help if you do not want to get drunk fast – that why you liked pickles with vodka :)) and multiminerals after waking up helps to recover the electrolyte balance in the organism (changes in this balance are caused by the often visits to the restroom, in the process of getting drunk. specially if you are a beer drinker. Also – changes of this balance are solely responsible for the headache afterwards, so regaining this balance is the only way to get rid of the headache, if you do not want to use painkillers).

    Ideal meal after the drinking:

    Yogurt (white, and a lot of it), some spicy soup (Czech Cesnecka, or some strong chicken soup with a lot of spices), young soft white cheese (liver regeneration), multivitamin and multimineral from some diet supplements (or salt water from pickles or cabbage), white bread (not much of it, but much better than any kind of dark bread since it is much easier digestible), some fresh vegetables (hot green pepper, tomato, onion, garlic and cucumber salad, if you ask me) and coffee or any energy drink (energy drinks are much more effective on the short terms, but coffee on a long term). Avoid fried, greasy, graham and whole bean products.

    Enjoy your drinking and cheers from Serbia


    • Hi Dusan,
      Thanks a lot for your tips. Hangover cures from Serbia must be taken serious… I’ve drunk with Serbians in the past and they mean business haha. The trick with the sugar is new for me. So thanks a lot for the handy tips.


  7. Hi LotD!
    See my countryman Dusan is real expert. But the most traditional cure for hangover in Serbia is sauerkraut! Sauerkraut is one of the few, if not the only, natural ingredients, where a person is able to improve the nature, ie. increase the nutritive properties through a process of pickling. Specifically, the process of pickling cabbage fermentation makes extremely active cobalamin (vitamin B12), which are normally found only in foods of animal origin (eg, ham). For this reason, sauerkraut is indispensable foodstuff. All multi-year research repeatedly confirms that the cabbage contains vitamin C can safely compete with lemon and orange. Therefore, sauerkraut is not only recommended for consuming after drinking, but also it is perfect as a snack during drinking. It is perfect with rakija (I suppose professionals like you know what rakija is :D).
    But that is not all. Sauerkraut makes “rasol”. Translation is “brine” (Thanks Google!). In Serbia brine is well known beverage that has established itself as a panacea for all problems related to the digestive tract. Some of us call it “cabbage ice tea”. In the morning after, if you have two glasses of rasol you will be as good as new! Retrieved during numerous centuries!


    • Hi mate,
      thanks a lot for your tip. Of course I am familiar with Serbian rakija. It’s simply awesome. Just like your slivovic, which is my favorite drink.
      I think it is about time I write about the Serbian cure for hangovers. We have the Russian brine so far, but with pickles and not with sauerkraut. So for sure we can add a new chapter to this section. I will make a post soon, I promise.
      So take care and živjeli!


  8. Živjeli!
    Haha! That is the proof that good drink speaks three foreign languages (minimum!)
    This is no joke, but science fact:
    One more subject for the next post.
    Just one short explanation: slivovic is just one kind of rakija, it is rakija made of sliva (plum rakija). But to avoid discrimination to other heavenly liquids made in Serbia, lets name some of the others:
    kajsijevača (apricot rakija), jabukovača (apple), kruškovača (pear), dudovača (mulberry – great!), and my favorite dunjevača (quince). Grape rakija is a special story, there are several kinds.
    Wow, I feel thirsty! One more hint for a post in the end: 100 drinks you must try before you die!


  9. You can add Estonia to your list – dill pickles (sometimes only the liquid) and kefir 🙂 Also Solyanka and Borscht! I love your blog, this will be my hangover bible 🙂


  10. I’m Australian and have never heard of the ‘pie floater’, in fact that sounds downright disgusting. In reality it’s always egg and bacon, mostly bacon, either fried up or from maccas (McDonalds). Grease is the solution!


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