Australian man kills his friend over a few beers

The burned out car in which the dead body was found.

The burned out car in which the dead body was found.

Ever heard someone say ‘touch my beer and I’ll kill you’. Usually this is just a matter of expression, but not for Gary Stewart Miles, a 40-year old man from the Australia. Today he was accused of killing his friend Paul John Stamp (47) because he drunk his last 4 beers. He then moved the body in the trunk of his car and burned it in an abandoned place. The message is clear: don’t touch an Aussie’s beer.

So what actually happened? In April the friends were enjoying a night of drinking in the Australian city of Darwin, when Miles had to leave the house for a short time. He said to his friend Stamp not to touch his beers, since he started to run out. But when Miles returned, he saw Stamp ignored his demand and drunk the last 4 beers. Needless to say Miles was pretty pissed off. Together with a third friend, Gregory John Channing, he decided to teach Stamp a lesson.

The beer thief had 8 broken ribs and a lot of internal damage, but his ‘mates’ weren’t done yet. Miles wanted to drop the heavily injured man in an abandoned place.  They moved Stamp in the trunk of a car, but ran out of gas. Miles had to get gasoline in a jerrycan, but once he returned to the car he decided to burn it with the body still in the trunk. According to Channing while shouting “I’m gonna kill this cunt.”

After the Australian police found the burned out car Miles and Channing were both arrested. September 19th Miles had to appear in court, while Channing is already in jail. The simple lesson that can be learned from this story? Don’t ever steal another man’s beer.

Micky Bumbar

19 thoughts on “Australian man kills his friend over a few beers

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  2. whilst the light hearted reporting came across as humourous, this poor guy was murdered over 4 beers. so sad.
    on another note, not all of us aussies are so heartless, and stupid


  3. Lesson of this story: perhaps to write with a little more sympathy about the death of someone rather than seeking stereotype-based gags.


  4. He shouldn’t have drunk his “friend’s” beer. Never touch a man’s car, alcohol, or women without his consent- it’s just begging for trouble


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  6. pair of them were in our employ, we were building squash courts and had come over from europe, they were both scumbags as was evident day we met them, i fired gary after 3 days cos he was a prick and afterwards threatened he to burn the squash complex down, i took it with a pinch of salt but with hindsight thse two motherfuckers were dangerous cunts


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