Top 7 Drinks that Smash you Surprisingly Fast


Ever had that moment when you feel like letting go of everything and letting alcohol rush in your blood? Have you wanted to sense the sweet and warm intoxication of your booze in no time? Lords of the Drinks will tell you about 7 beverages that will bring dizziness in your head before you’re ready to say “I’m drunk.”

1. After Shock

When you see the flames in the shots with this sweet drink, you already know you are about to play with fire. The burning sensation is amplified by the 40% alcohol content; however, the producer introduced a version in 2009 for the faint at heart. It packs only 30%. Fortunately, the “real” thing can still be found in stores in bars. Rumor has it that After Shock crystallizes in your stomach until the next morning, then the crystals liquidate and release a second wave of alcohol into the blood stream. The drink remains popular mainly among the young people, which is understandable – you need solid health to consume it. After Shock comes in several colors – black, red, green, etc. All of them will set you on fire very quickly, so be careful.

2. Jägermeister jagermeister

This liqueur is made of 56 herbs and that’s the only healthy thing about it. The “hunting master” (translated from German) will surely go after your liver and you won’t run fast enough to escape it. Germans humorously call the drink “liver glue”, or Leberkleister. Maybe it’s no coincidence that this word rhymes with the name of the liqueur. We have all reasons to believe the Germans – the 35% Jägermeister is so sweet and sticky that before you realize it, it will have glued your liver. With German accuracy.

3. Tequilatequila

Of course, of course it’s impossible to compose such ranking without this classics. Being called “the moment of happiness between the salt and the lemon,” tequila is widely considered as one of the best party drinks. It is usually associated with the concept that whoever consumes it, had gone out to have real fun and kick his liver around tonight. Regardless of the many versions of tequila varying in taste and alcohol content, it remains one of the fastest way to get drunk. And it may save you the headache, if you can’t stand the sweetness of the Aftershock and the Jägermeister.

4. Long Island Iced Tealong-island-iced-tea

If you let this drink mislead you with its cute appearance, taste and name, it will have a surprise for you. Yes, it resembles iced tea in flavor, but this is the only similarity between a regular one and a Long Island version. This cocktail is made up of FIVE types of liquors, namely vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec. If you’re thirsty and unaware of the 22% alcohol content, you may find yourself gulping down the refreshing drink very quickly. And maybe it will become your favorite jolly iced tea.

5. Ouzo/Pastis/Mastikaouzo

Anise booze has always attracted drinkers with the strong flavor and aroma, as well as the way it provides refreshment in the hot summers. It is usually consumed with some appetizers, like salads or watermelon. However, if you give up the appetizers, this liquor will nail your head in just a few glasses. Greek ouzo shouldn’t be lower than 37,5%, however, some producers raise the percentage up to 42,5%. French pastis, although stronger (40-45%) is related to a culture of nobler drinking. Thank God that anise drinks are not consumed in shots, otherwise only the toughest guys would stand on their feet in Bulgaria where the mastika has alcohol content of 47%. Because of its very strong flavor it is rarely consumed without chasers or appetizers. Other anise drinks from around the world include Italian sambuca, Turkish raki, Colombian aguardiente, etc.

6. Gingin

Oh yes, this ranking wouldn’t be complete without the deceitful gin. The successor of the Dutch drink jenever has entrapped into addiction many celebrities who couldn’t live without it. It goes well with tonic or sprite, which make its taste milder. With such a simple mixture you can very easily knock back glass after glass in the hot summer until…um…the Gin comes out of the bottle.

7. Winewine

And last, but not least – the divine wine, a drink so loved and praised for centuries, a drink that brings wisdom, enlightenment and God knows how many other extraordinary states of mind. We have solid grounds to believe that many people are impatient to reach such spiritual conditions, and what is an easier way to do it than drinking the sweet and delicious wines faster than juice?

Nikolay Nikolov

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68 thoughts on “Top 7 Drinks that Smash you Surprisingly Fast

  1. Another awesome post! I have never tried this ‘after shock’ thing, but I can attest to all the others. Of those, tequila is the surefire way to knock me on my ass. Danger in a glass, that stuff. Love it though!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Hello thanks for liking a post. I heard of After Shock I have a an sort of empty bottle bottle what I mean .I still have some crystals in the bottle it’s cool looking..Had it for a long time. .I years ago had a shot glass and lit Jack Daniels on fire .It was cool. Like a small flambé ha!. Take care and have a nice day.


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  5. Thanks for liking a post on a plate;) Sorry about what is going on with the plane that was blown up.Its so sad Those people didn’t deserve that ..


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  7. The bar where I work taught me this trick with aftershock… get a cube of ice and hold it in your fist with a gap between your index finger and thumb. have the shot and the suck on the ice through the gap… kind of inhale the ice droplets and fumes if that makes sense. It makes it taste amazing. As a result aftershock is now my fav shot!


  8. Do they still make aftershock? I used to drink it in the UK a few years ago. The red one being quite nice, although it does bleach clothes when spilled so imagine it cleans the stomach up nicely too. The blue and green were awful though, toothpaste and fake pastis…rough. It doesnt seem to be available in Japan though.


      • When i was in Crete they had bootleg Ouzo that had the Opium flakes. My feet left the ground for an unkown amount of time.


      • Opium flakes? Sounds like quite the stuff haha… An old recipe from the days of Lord Byron perhaps? He was quite into both Greece and opium! 🙂


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  11. I had a girl introduce me to Aftershock,hers had been stashed for a year and the rock candy in it had buildt up which makes it stronger. After drinking the whole bottle. The big one. We broke it open and ate the rock candy. I started Hallucinating shortly there after. The blue stuff called Avalanche taste like mouth wash. I did the Huntmaster bit in Germany many times while i was stationed there. I havent drank it since but on rare occasions. My fav get drunk quick drink is the almighty American boiler maker. Bourbon & beer.


    • Ah yeah that does the trick… In Holland we drink jenever (Dutch gin) and beer, which is known as ‘the head-butt’. It’s a very sneaky killer, that kicks in way earlier than expected.


  12. When was this first produced in what year – I have a bottle dog found in the yard- I’ve never seen this bottle before and I was just wondering how old it is – any information would be appreciated sincerely -treeceky


  13. You forgot mead 🙂 in Brittany there is a variety of mead called chouchen, and it’s fucking amazing. Only 20%, but it tastes like honey and you don’t feel the alcohol. I don’t think I need to tell you why it’s dangerous :p.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yeah, a friend of mine in Hungary makes mead himself. He told me many times to come visit and try this drink. Thanks for reminding me.


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  15. We had a drink during my early years in the New Zealand Navy, TKO. Equal shots of tequila, Kailua and Ouzo. Got you rat faced very quickly.


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