Nikolay Nikolov and Micky Bumbar after a thrilling battle for the “Alcohol Friendly Award” in the American University in Bulgaria.

They say alcohol is bad. They say it’s harmful. They say you shouldn’t drink much. But we say: First of all alcohol is fun! That’s why we started this weblog in 2012 as a counterweight to all the negative attention alcohol gets in the traditional media.

We are Nikolay Nikolov from Bulgaria and Micky Bumbar from Holland. We met at the American University in the Bulgarian city of Blagoevgrad, obviously since we shared a hobby. Micky snatched the Alcohol Friendly Award (the award for the biggest drunk all through the year) at this university in 2012. A year later Nikolay took this prestigious award home. In all modesty we can say that both victories were deserved. Together we are the Lords of the Drinks, the two main writers of this blog although guest posts are very much apreciated.

On this weblog we bring you personal drinking stories, funny alcohol related facts and news, recipes for hangover cures, drinking games, scientific research on alcohol related matters, recipes for cocktails, drunk jokes, plenty excuses to drink with the party calendar and much more. If you cruise around this website you’ll find a whole different side to drinking than just the bad cases you normally read about in the news. Our motto is and will always be “Izbuhvam“, which is Bulgarian for “I explode”. No matter how dull the occasion, we’ll turn it into an awesome bacchanalia!

Now before we get labeled as alcoholics, we’d like to see ourselves as drunkards. There’s a difference. We drink hard, we drink like no tomorrow, but we never drink alone. Alcohol always tastes better when shared and it’s the ultimate aid to socialize and meet new people. So with everything you do, always keep that philosophy in mind. We don’t want to make anyone alcoholic, just very very drunk!

The Lords of the Drinks

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it. I think we may have a slightly different view on alcohol but I know we agree that being happy is a good gift to give the world. Thanks again guys! 🙂


  2. Thanks for creating a website to show how much FUN drinking can be. I am 27 and have been drinking to have a good time for about 10 years now. I just decided to give up drinking for a year and blog about my past drunkenness and what it is like to go out and be sober. I’m only on day 22, so it should be interesting. http://www.thesoberexperience.com


  3. Great blog guys.. Something to help me through the week… Then the weekend… Then next week… Then, well you get the idea 🙂
    Keep up the good work! Oh, and thanks for the like on The Wayward Warrior! :)!


  4. Wanted to thank you for visiting The Vision of Poets this evening. Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve already been reading a number of stories on your site and have been quite entertained. I’m certain I’ll be spending a great deal more time here enjoying myself. When you have the time… you might want to check out the post on my site titled “Are You Alright?” posted on October 5th. It seems to be quite relative to your theme. Thanks again for your visit and for introducing me to your site.


  5. Funny blog 🙂 I have a favourite drinking game I’d like to pass on now, you might already know it, but you’ll enjoy it if you don’t. It’s called 3,6,9. I learnt this one off some crazy Koreans and it’s made for many fun nights out. Go around in a circle calling out the numbers in a row starting from one. Everytime you get to a number with a three, six or nine, you can’t say this number and have to clap. so eg, first person says 1, second person says 2 third person would clap etc. 13 tricks people up the most because they’ve started using times tables in their head instead of the actual numbers 3,6,9. If the wrong number is said or the person stalls too long, they have to shot/ take a drink. It’s fun when you get to the thirties because it’s silent and everyone is counting in their heads. 33, 36, and 39 are double claps. The more the people drink, the more mistakes are made and it’s difficult to push past the 100 mark. If you don’t already play this one, give it a go! If you already know it, then I don’t need to tell you how fun it is 😉

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