Cheers for a successful launch and start consuming alcohol!


The bloggers in action

People say Monday stinks because it’s the start of the new week, but guess what…this Monday absolutely rocks and rolls! It’s not only the start of the damn working week, but also of our shiny, brand-new blog related to drinking! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I and Micky Bumbar promise you hell lot of fun if you follow us! Our humble blogging team will try to provide you with alcoholic content as often as it is able to, even when it’s drunk.

In case you still think the first day of the week swallows, we have a suggestion; start drinking in order to fix it! Don’t pay attention if someone tells you it’s not Thursday or Friday or Saturday. So what if it isn’t? If you can afford a few drinks, why don’t you go out (or order some for your home) and do it?
We can’t keep writing too much, because we don’t want to burden you with the very first post. Plus, it’s almost 7 p.m. Dutch time and 8 p.m. in Bulgaria and the poor bloggers haven’t had a drink yet! However, stay tuned and expect the pure awesomeness! CHEERS, GUYS!

Nikolay Nikolov

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