5 handy tips to lose a hangover fast

The Lords of the Drinks (left Micky, right Nikolay) hungover after a night of heavy drinking.

The Lords of the Drinks (left Micky, right Nikolay) hungover after a night of heavy drinking.

The thing that scares off most people from drinking a lot is the fear of a massive hangover in the morning. A banging headache, feeling totally powerless and hardly capable of making your runs to the bathroom to throw up. One can easily lose a full day in bed and in that way miss out on school, work or a fun free day. Since we don’t want you to waste your lives staying in bed (at least not in this way), here are some handy tips to help you back in the saddle. Also, in the upcoming weeks we will introduce you to some great recipes from all over the world to kill your hangover as fast as possible.

1. Start drinking again
Of course any solid drinker can tell you that the fastest way to get rid of a hangover is to start drinking again. The first beers might not taste fantastic, but soon enough you’ll be back in the zone you left last night. Many people can’t handle beer when hungover, so they might want to start with a mixed drink. For example one of these hangover cocktails. However, since some people might have to work or study the day after drinking, there are some other tips and tricks.

2. Drink cola
Always have a bottle of cola ready. If you don’t have one ask a friend or relative to get you one A.S.A.P! Cola is the best medicine if you’re nauseous. To get well soon it is very important that you keep your breakfast inside. Why cola? Well, this drink was once invented as a spin off from the medicinal drink “vin mariani”. And even though the famous coca-ingredient is no longer part of the recipe, it still calms down your stomach.
In this way it has the opposite effect of a drink like orange juice. A lot of times your body fools you here. A lot of times when struggling with a massive hangover you feel the urge for it’s refreshing taste and vitamins. However after some time it almost always results into puking.

3. Start eating right away
Try to eat as soon and much as possible. There are usually two reasons stopping you from doing so. A mouth that’s dry like the Sahara desert or feeling nauseous. For the second feeling we already gave you the tip of the cola. However, a lot of time you don’t feel nauseous directly when you wake up. It usually comes some hours later. Try to beat this feeling by eating before this stage.
Which brings us to the second problem. A lot of time your mouth feels so dry that you simply can’t handle too much solid food. All your body is screaming for is liquids. In this case soup is a very good solution. And try to slip in some solid stuff with it.
Actually the things you don’t wanna think about at that point are actually the best. Greasy dishes like an English breakfast will have you fixed up in one or two hours. However the art is to keep it in during this time.

4. Shower and go outside
Take a shower and get out of the house. Laying in bed you will just be surrounded by the clouds of alcohol you’re sweating out yourself. The water on your skin will help against dehydration and the fresh air outside will keep you from getting nauseous.

5. Eat before going to bed
An additional thing that’s advisable to do is to eat well after drinking and before going to bed. A solid meal and several glasses of water or milk can really make a huge difference in the morning. However we understand that sometimes you are not in the condition to do anything when coming home. It’s best not to start cooking when you are at the point of collapsing. A hangover is really not that bad compared to burning your house down.

International Hangover Food
To prove that hangovers don’t have to be a bad thing we also share some recipes for delicious hangover food from all over the world with you. It’s pretty cool to see how people in other countries fight their hangovers. Many of these traditional hangover food recipes have been around for centuries. To see them all check our hangover cures dossier.

Micky Bumbar

16 thoughts on “5 handy tips to lose a hangover fast

    • Yeah absolutely… You might not feel like it in the morning, but a good old greasy meal will get you right back in shape. Sour stuff also works miracles! Pickles or pickle juice… Also check out the international recipes in our anti hangover section. Some of them are so good they make you wish you had a hangover every day! 😉


  1. 3 and 5 make alot of sense

    In my neck of the woods we eat a special breakfast soup after celebrating all night. it’s called menudo, and made with beef tripe, spices, and hominy. For vegetables it IS garnished with peppers, onions, coriander leaves, and a dash of lime. (i personally sub the tripe with chicken)

    Thanks for the Bosnia recipe, Micky. 🙂


  2. In our student house hold I was the only one trusted to drunk cook after a heavy night, fried bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs! Then we’d power through the night on water and coke. No sleep, no rest for the wicked – not when dissertations are involved!

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