Poll results: you guys simply drink everywhere

Our audience will just drink everywhere.

Our audience will just drink everywhere.

A month ago we asked you the question how you like to spend your Friday night. The answers made it clear for us that we have a very diverse audience. The biggest group of respondents said they don’t care where they go as long as they get shitfaced. A quarter of the voters prefers to drink outside on a Friday night. Only 6,5% claims they rather not drink when the weekend begins. We presume they work in the night shift or something.

The final results:
Stay home and get wasted 6%
Go clubbing and get shitfaced 12,5%
Find yourself a home party and get pissed 19%
Drink somewhere outside till I’m drunk as hell 25%
I don’t care how and where as long as I get shitfaced! 31%
I prefer not to drink (too much) 6,5%

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