Diet soda gets you drunk faster

Changing regular coke for diet coke can get you drunk faster.

Changing regular coke for diet coke can get you drunk faster.

Do you know the problem that you spend lots and lots of money on whisky-cola’s or other mixed drinks before you finally feel the effect? For a lot of people it’s a serious problem that they have to drink a lot before they actually get drunk. The consequence: an empty wallet in the morning and a dull week ahead of you. Well, scientists of the Northern Kentucky University found the solution. Simply changing your regular coke for a cola light and you’re good to go.

In an article by CNN the study and it’s results are explained. Although they draw the wrong conclusions in our opinion (bad combination? Don’t think so mate), it’s very interesting for the true drinker. Basically it comes down to the fact that the drinks with more sugar keep you sober longer.

Good news for people who are by car, but still want to drink a little. In a blowing test the kind of soda you mixed your alcohol with could make the difference between breaking the law and not breaking the law. It’s also safer since tests in reaction speed and mimics while driving showed that people who drank diet soda’s were worse on the road.

Now we have to say that the people who were tested all claimed they felt no difference after drinking regular soda or diet soda. However the amounts of alcohol weren’t that large. Tests showed that alcohol mixed with diet soda causes one fifth more intoxication. In other words: one fifth more fun.

Now we would never encourage drunken driving. So if you have to drive, please drink your alcohol with regular soda. But if you are low on cash, but still want to get drunk, you might wanna give the diet products a go. Cause why would you pay more?

Micky Bumbar

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