Polish joke: 4 men on a sleigh with a bottle of vodka

Hungry wolves are no joke at itself.

Hungry wolves are no joke at itself.

And now it’s time for a joke. A Polish joke and we all know what that means. Exactly, there’s vodka involved…

Four guys – a Polish, a Czech, a Russian and a German – are sitting on a sleigh pulled by horses through the middle of nowhere. There’s only snow around and nothing else. Their only possession is one bottle of good vodka.

Than all of a sudden they hear wolves behind them howling. First far away, but than they come closer and closer. The four look at each other in panic, what to do? They decide one should sacrifice himself to save the others, but who?

The German steps up and says: “I’m not afraid of this wolves, I will fight them.” And he jumps of the sleigh. He fights and he fights, but the wolves are too many and he gets eaten alive. The three continue their journey, but in half an hour they hear the wolves again. Someone else will have to sacrifice himself.

Now the Russian gets up and jumps off. He too punches several wolves to the ground, but they are again too many and eat him alive. And again the wolves are not satisfied and continue the chase.

In the sleigh the Czech looks at the Polish and asks: “what now man? What now?” The Polish takes out his gun and shoots all the wolves and sits back down.

The confused Czech is silent for a minute and than he asks: “man, why didn’t you should them before?”. And the Polish replies: “are you kidding me dude? You wanna share a bottle of vodka with 4 guys?”


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