Why Christians who preach abstinence are hypocrites

Wine is offered as 'the blood of Jezus' in Christian churches.

Wine is offered in church as ‘the blood of Jezus’ in Christian churches.

In search of interesting posts about alcohol the Lords of the Drinks often wander the web. From time to time we than stumble across some religious freak that tells us God doesn’t want us to drink. For the record: so far this only happened with Christians. That’s right, a religion where drinking is allowed. Now we have to watch not to impose our morals to others either, but we do have a friendly advice: don’t let any of these bastards look down on you because you have drunken fun once in a while.

Now we realize this is a delicate topic. In religion it’s simply impossible to say who’s right and who’s wrong. Still there are people on the web who urge others never to get intoxicated. Saying basically that you are a bad Christian and therefore a bad human if you do. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to drinking, but when they start to condemn us, that’s where we draw the line.

For the record, we are speaking about a religion with a prophet who shared wine with his followers and called it his blood. A prophet who turned water into wine. If he was against drinking, wouldn’t he have done it the other way around?

Now that we established that Jesus loved and encouraged drinking wine, let’s speak about the big question: is it bad to be drunk? Some Christians on the internet seem to think so. Saying you should devote your whole life to God and therefore you should always be clear of mind. Well, we say this is for priests, monks and nuns and even they through history didn’t spent all their time praying. They contributed to human development by writing books, studying medicine and yes: making delicious wines and beers. Just think about the Trappist monks who gave Belgium its unique beer culture.

So why would it be so bad to get drunk? We always encouraged social drunkenness. That means socialize with (new) people and don’t be aggressive. Isn’t that what being a Christian is also about? We like to believe that it’s way more important to treat the people around you kind than to stay sober all the time. The same goes for people who believe in Islam, a religion that is said to reject alcohol. But what would be more important to Allah, killing, stealing or drinking?

The thing is that ultra religious people always think that the way they live is the only way to go. Well, we believe there are more ways to live your life right. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re religious or not. We say it’s never a crime to drink like hell, as long as you don’t bother people (too much). Some of the greatest thinkers and creative minds were huge drunks, just check our selection of great drunkards in history and see for yourself. Among them there are people who made life more comfortable in various ways for humanity.

So don’t let anybody tell you that you’re a bad person just because you like to party and drink. You probably know best when you’re taking it too far. We all have that little voice inside that tells us the line between right and wrong. Call it your inner soul, call it a conscience, but  right now that little voice is telling me to have a drink. Cheers!

Micky Bumbar


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16 thoughts on “Why Christians who preach abstinence are hypocrites

  1. Hi there, just wanted to comment on this blog post, which I found really interesting. I understand your point of view, but I don’t think it is respectful and right to group and generalize all people who are Christians and to call them “religious freaks” and say that they all condemn drinking and hate drinkers. This is not true. True believers do not idolize drinking, because getting drunk won’t get you anywhere and won’t help neither your body, neither anyone around you. That is why it is considered a ‘sin’ and some Christians might feel quite strongly about it. The Bible is not a book of laws that people have to follow just because it says them, its a book that shows you the best possible version of you and drinking just gets in the way of being who you really are, because once you are drunk one changes his actions and way of thinking. And drunkness can cause aggressiveness, not sure why you think it won’t, whereas Christianity promotes peace.


    • Well thanks for your reaction. As said before we are totally fine with people that decide not to drink. We just have a problem with people that think they have to tell us and others not to drink! If you would take a look at some of the stuff on this blog you’d see how much joy alcohol causes. In that way prohibition can be considered a sin!


  2. Yes, no one can tell you not to drink of course, its your choice completely, someone like me who does not drink can only try to persuade you that heavy drinking is bad, that is all, then it is up to you.


  3. Nowhere does Jesus say alcohol is tolerable, in fact, he says the opposite:

    Proverbs 20:1
    Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

    Back then, “strong drink” equated to our strongest beers. Wine was essentially alcohol-free in comparison to todays drinks. I don’t even want to know what Jesus would have thought about Rum, Whiskey, Grain, or other forms of alcohol created in more recent times.


    • I’m sure he would have found it awesome! Just like we do! And as for the ine, in Jesus’ days there were both fermented and non-fermented wines, but usually people would prefer the 1st type. Weither we are talking Romans or sheppards in the Holy Land, they were usually drunk as fuck. So please don’t start with fairy tales… In the times of Jesus people drunk wine a lot.


  4. Hey those are just the words of Jesus Christ. If the Bible is true, you’ll be taking that decision up with Him, not me. And fermented wine doesn’t equal 50% Tequila my friend… which was first produced in the 16th century – far after the death of the Son of God (IF the Bible is true, which I happen to believe it is). So “strong drink” would possibly be, I speculate, around 12% just as todays wines tend to be.
    Some food for thought…


    • That’s true… Well weither I drink 1 bottle of tequila or 3 bottles of red wine, the outcome is usually the same. I’m pretty sure that if the art of distillery existed 2000 years ago, it would be embraced too. Most spirits make an excellent medicine too! 😀


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  9. “It’s not what goes in a man that makes him sin but what comes out of him.”


    The point is, a happy person doesn’t become the drunk with a gun, the violent jerk or the sleeze that sleeps with another guy’s wife.

    Drink just doubles down on who you are.

    If you’re in control, you don’t lose it by having a drink.

    Unfortunately, the “religious” as opposed to Christians, target external behaviors and ignore their own sin within.

    Some are reformed alcoholics who lost everything by losing control to alcohol as so many do.

    If most people didn’t live with so many regrets from what alcohol cost them tho, they wouldn’t try to warn others.

    One would tell kids to wait until adulthood to marry and have kids. Sex as teenagers ruins a lot of lives and futures.

    That statement is true. It’s when people who don’t want to hear wisdom ACCUSE others of hatred by pointing out the obvious that truth flies out the window.

    Don’t get your history or religion of sites on the internet. It’s not just unlikely you’ll find truth, it’s where stupid goes to breath.

    Cheers 😄

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    • It’s true that alcohol brings out your true personality. But rather than telling people to never drink and suppress their true self, we can also try to work on ourselves and become better people every day.


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