Pennsylvanian party poopers start prohibition

State Patty's is a relatively new student tradition.

State Patty’s is a relatively new student tradition.

The American state of Pennsylvania rises fast in our imaginary charts of uncool states in America. Why? Well apparently the local government saves no expenses to block an awesome student party. Each alcohol selling business will be given no less than 5.000 dollar if they cut people on the 23rd of February. 

What’s happening on the 23rd of February you ask? Well, this day was supposed to have a kick ass party called State Patrick’s Day. So not the Irish celebration Saint Patrick’s day, which is the 17th of March. The tradition started in 2007 when Saint Patrick’s day felt actually during the student holiday spring break. This was such a big it that students from than on started celebrating State Patrick’s Day during this spring break.

For this year again students of State Penn University wanted to throw a huge bacchanal. Reason enough for the state government to re-introduce a prohibition in the US. However we count on it that the educated young minds of Penn State will find a way to outsmart these party poopers. The Lords of the Drinks support you guys!

Micky Bumbar

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