The game Drinking Wars sucks!

Some assignments in Drinking Wars.

Some assignments in Drinking Wars.

Catching title isn’t it? Well, let us explain. About two months ago we were searching the web for new information about our major hobby drinking. Through Facebook we found an application called Drinking Wars. Well, we are always in for trying new stuff and any game where you get points for drinking a lot sounds like our cup of tea (matter of speaking of course, we like beer). Especially when you have a drink in real life whenever you do so in the game. In the end we must conclude that it was a bitter disappointment. Be glad about it: we played it so you don’t have to.

Now we won’t get too deep into the details of the game, don’t worry. But we owe it to the makers of the game to give a small description of their creation. When we started 2 months ago it was still slightly interesting since the game was new. But by now we can say that it is exactly the same as other Facebook games like Mafia Wars for example. But instead of digital mob jobs you have to drinking challenges like beer pong. For a certain amount of energy points you get a number of experience points back. Winning fights against other players are another way to get more experience. With these  experience points you can level up and open new drinking challenges. And by buying several kinds of items you can increase your strength to fight people. You can practically go on forever like this.

Now we played this game to the very respectable (definitely if you count the amount of time we wasted) level 115. We went from Las Vegas to Munich and now to Mexico, but didn’t really found a lot of excitement anywhere. It is a way to kill time, nothing more, nothing less. And than we saw there are people with level 50.000. We assume they are locked somewhere in Guantanamo Bay or a North Korean Basement, those poor bastards. What sick maniac would torture people like this?

So consider this not only a warning, but also a lesson in drinking morale. This game represents everything that drinking should not be about, since you are sitting alone behind your computer at home fighting other people. While true drinking should always be about socializing, even when home alone. So better pick your drinking battles somewhere in real life. Cheers!

Micky Bumbar

16 thoughts on “The game Drinking Wars sucks!

  1. Dear Clowns.
    You have seemed to miss the point of this game completely in your obviously drunken and pubescant haze.
    It is a social game for what i found out were a set of degenerate misfits and quite a lot of internet dating superstuds and haggard old whores and there in lay the fun of this game….winding these people up.
    If you want a good drinking game may i suggest Lemmy from Motorheads toilet paper challenge which i was honoured to witness and try with the great man one night.
    What you do is fill a pint glass with good Vodka,take a dozen strips off a toilet paper roll and jam one end between the crack of your arse.
    The game is to drink the pint of vodka as another person sets fire to the other end of the toilet paper and finish it before your arse crack gets set on fire.
    You get past round one then remove two sheets and repeat until you fall over unconscious or visit A&E with third degree burns or both.
    Believe me it’s harder than it sounds.
    Oh and by the way levels around 50K were obtained by cheating like f*ck with very little time actually spent at a computer with bots doing all the work….no basements or holiday in Guantanamo were required although a lot of torturing of players did happen.
    You ever want to bring yo drinking Ho’s back into the game to see the real workings of DW and meet it’s characters…hit the Pimp up yo dig lightweight drinking beetch!

    Big Daddy D!..Pimp to the stars and a legend in his own mind (Isn’t he dreamy!)


  2. The entire game amounts to trash talk and pissing people off. Send me your Drinking wars link and I’ll show you how the game is played….unless you are too chickenshit!


  3. Your supposed to get drunk and smack talk people into submission until they block you. That is how the true masters of the game play. I bet you didn’t even delve in far enough to learn the lengend of the 4 Horsemen, or the tales of piggy Amanda who played from her trailer in South Carolina while drinking Schlitze from a can and fornicating with her brother. This game has style, panache and vulgarity. you just had no idea.


  4. Davey Chapman has a way with words…. but what he speaks could be true?!?! He definitely is a legend in his own mind, but he stirs up a lot of trouble in the game and keeps it interesting.

    Regards, Gina “one of the nicer players in the game” but some would beg to differ 😛


  5. Did you try Lemmy’s drinking game?…could you get past the first pint of Vodka?…i got to three before i got burnt arse cheeks.
    I dare you to do better,film the attempt and post it here if you have the drinking balls for it.
    My guess is you are just another pussy American drinking lite beer who thinks he can drink…come on lightweight show us your metal! 😉


    • hahaha first of all we are both not Americans. We’re from Bulgaria and Holland and both holder of an ‘alcohol friendly award’, an annual prize for the biggest drinker in campus. A campus with many Bulgarians, Serbians, Russians, Ukranians, Albanians and other respected drinking nationalities. Guess we proved ourselves! 😉


  6. Out of all the battle games on Facebook Drinking Wars was the most fun. There are hundreds of fake accounts made with the most hilarious characters like “The King” and “Reverend Rudy Jewels and they act in full character in the game. It’s not just a game where you do your missions and that’s it. It’s all about the comedic bantering and the keyboard Ninja’s pissed off manifestos written on your game wall when you kill or bounty them etc. It’s about playing bounty ball with the whiners while you and your friends sit on chat laughing, banding together to torment the bullies, checking the hilarious posts on walls and have a good laugh…and of course drinking :D. I have met the most fun and witty people on this game and even though I quit DW nearly 2 years ago we are all still friends and it’s still all about the laughs. Until you’ve experienced that part of the game…you haven’t really played it. LOL


      • yep…my liver took a beating…along with any player that pissed off the the 4 Horsemen…But during the height of the housing market collapse i had way to much time on my hands after losing nearly everything, It was a fun social game where i made some very good memorable friendships and a lotta laughs…and i am NOT a computer guy, The computer was just a living room decoration and a way to bootleg music….The war has been long over but i still check there daily to lend a hand to the bored horny housewives when i relax and have a beer b4 bed. I personally played the game like chess, using all the players as my pawns …un wittingly to them..It took 3 roughnecks and one bad azz bitch to make all the geeks run till they couldn’t run anymore and thats how you see lvl 50k( I still get a chuckle out of that one)

        “The Hungover Facebook serial killer” aka jeremy spickoli


  7. on a further note….The 4 horsemen are still friends….that is…after fantasy football season,,,Davey, joe and emmy…..your all going down!!!!!!


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