Happy Easter, have some eggnog!

Eggnog served with cinnamon.

Eggnog served with cinnamon.

It’s Easter time for the Catholics (as well as other Western Christians) and that’s a big deal. Especially since there’s a new pope in town. But it’s also a time to have a serious Easter breakfast. The main ingredient in this being of course eggs. Experts say that it’s the most important meal of the day and who are we to disagree with them right? And since we can’t picture our most important meal to be without alcohol, this is a perfect moment to bring out the eggnog. You know that yellow creamy stuff with 14 to 20 percent alcohol. We admit it doesn’t look too tasty (personally also not a big fan), but it’s also a drink you must learn to like. And well what better time to start than Easter?

In many countries you can buy eggnog in stores. In Holland and Belgium for example it’s sold by the name advocaat. But if you can’t find it anywhere it’s easy to make it yourself too. So here’s a recipe for you.

1/2 liter milk
1/2 liter (whipped) cream
200 gram sugar
11 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
250 milliliter dark rum
200 milliliter whisky
1/2 kilo vanilla icecream

Heat up the coffee cream, milk and sugar on a low fire. Put in the egg yolks till you get some kind of custard (don’t let it to boil). Let it cool down and leave it in the fridge for the night. The next day put in the other ingredients and serve it cold.

Happy Easter to all of you. And if you like this drink you will have a new opportunity to make it in the first week of May. Cause that’s when the Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter.

Micky Bumbar

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter, have some eggnog!

  1. Hi didn’t realize that this drink made a second appearance after Christmas/New Years. Thank you for stopping by Ancestreats dot com and liking our “Tub to Table” fish recipe. We encourage you to share one of your own family favorite recipes (via submit page on our blog). Our readers are having a blast reading about new foods from other cultures! Best, Leslie


  2. “And since we can’t picture our most important meal to be without alcohol, this is a perfect moment to bring out the eggnog.”
    Haha, loved it! And I’m personally a big fan of eggnog, although the one you can buy is never as good as the one my Granny makes! (Plus she puts at least twice as much alcohol in it haha)


  3. I never knew eggnog had alcohol in it… though I’ve never tried one before! ha! You learn something new everyday! I shall be trying this recipe out when I’m back in Ireland! 😀 thaaanks


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