LOTD nominated for Liebster Award

The Liebster Award was invented to discover new blogs.

The Liebster Award was invented to discover new blogs.

Oh we’re on a role here… After taking the Alcohol Friendly Award twice, the Lords of the Drinks are now nominated for the Liebster Award. What? You don’t know what that is? Doesn’t matter, we never knew it existed either. It seems to be some kind of chain thing, since as far as we know nobody ever got an actual prize. Seems like a waste of time? Maybe, but since The Tipsy Nomads asked us some interesting questions when they nominated us, we don’t mind to play along.

Apparently when you get nominated for the Liebster Award you need to do three things: answer the 11 questions of the one who nominated you, come up with 11 new questions for 11 other bloggers and share 11 random facts about yourself. Well since that’s quite a lot, we’ll do it in 2 times. First let’s have a look at the questions that the Tipsy Nomads asked Micky.

  1. What is the most money you have ever spent in one night, just on drinks and where was it and what were you drinking?
    My birthday in 2005 was quite legendary. Since in a bar I ordered 100 beers at once for myself an a couple of friends. We had to drink hard not to let the beer die. After that I was ordering tequila, whisky, vodka and every other drink I could think of 3 times and had them on a plate. After this round things got blurry, but I’m sure we had a lot of fun. On the pictures my friend made 2 or 3 cop cars could be seen and a little later I managed to steer my bike in the canal. This was of course priceless, the drinks? A decent 300 euro’s or something I guess.
  2. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
    It changes from time to time. I am a big fan of jenever and rakija. I usually combine this with beer or red wine. When I’m mixing drinks it’s usually whisky-cola or gin-tonic (preferably half and half), but I like to follow local customs too. In general I like everything except for the sweet mix drinks.
  3. What was the cheapest drink you have ever tried and where was it and what did it taste like?
    I never tried stuff like spirit (the fuel) or medicinal alcohol. So it must be just cheap beer and vodka. So nothing special here.
  4. Give us your funniest drinking story.
    There are so many, but this one is pretty funny I think. I mean if you consider to be woken by the cops in an elderly home funny of course.
  5. What is your best hangover cure/routine?
    The magic elixir for me is cola. For the rest you might wanna check out our dossier of international hangover cures. And don’t forget the tips and tricks below the recipes.
  6. What is your all-time favorite drinking song?
    I think that must be Seven Drunken Nights by the Dubliners.
  7. Where in the world is your favorite drinking spot?
    I like to mix things up. A bar feels as comfortable as a home party, but if the weather allows it (always a problem in Holland) I like to go outside. In nature it’s always nice (although I never leave a mess here), but also to catch a train to another city. In my country you are allowed to drink on the train, so it’s the perfect transportation for a touristic visit for drinkers.
  8. Have you ever played a drinking game? If so what was it and how did it work?
    Indeed I have played many. My favorite is the ‘beer relay’. A game which is popular among students in Holland. You play in teams (let’s say of 8 players each). All players have a full glass of beer in front of them. The referee starts to drink his glass and when it’s empty he puts it on his head. This is the start sign for the first player of each team to start drinking. When he’s done he also puts the glass on his head and the 2nd player from his team can start. Which team finishes first wins and may stay for a new challenger.
  9. Have you ever snuck a drink in somewhere where it wasn’t allowed? How did you do it?
    At my football club alcohol is not allowed, but I usually sneak in a beer can or a small bottle of hard stuff to enjoy the matches better. Always in my underpants, since they don’t frisk too firm there. A nice side effect is that people don’t wanna share your drink if they know where it’s been.
  10. Were you ever busted drinking while underage by a parent or anyone else?
    Well I am really drinking since age 15 and my parents allowed that, so they didn’t bust me in that sense. They were more concerned that I was drinking their liquor or throw parties when they were on holiday.
  11. Why do you think that drinking and travelling go hand in hand so well?
    After a while you know all the good spots to drink in your own area and it gets a bit of a drag. So time to meet new places and new people. Guaranteed you will have more adventures too. A nice side effect is that from good experiences you can make friendships for life. Bad experiences can be forgotten easily, just don’t go back to that place again.Micky Bumbar (and questions by Tipsy Nomads)

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