God save the queen, king… Who cares, let’s get drunk!

Rotterdam at Queen's Day, seen from above.

Rotterdam at Queen’s Day, seen from above.

And what a day it was yesterday for the lovers of fairy tales in the Netherlands. As well as far beyond the borders. Yes, it was Queen’s Day in Holland, an annual event as the Dutchies celebrate the existence of the royal family. This year the party was bigger than ever since queen Beatrix made way for her son; king Willem-Alexander. Well so much for the fairy tale version: for most Dutch people 30 of April was once again a great excuse to join a massive bacchanalia. If you never been to Holland on ‘Koninginnedag’: it’s more or less St. Patrick’s Day, but instead of green, people wear orange.

So if you were watching the inauguration of the new king from behind your TV in let’s say Slovakia, Cameroon or Bangladesh, you  may have caught a little part of the discussion between the monarchists and the republicans. But since this blog is about drinking we suggest you find other sources to inform you in this matter. Especially since most Dutch people don’t really care too much either. Queen’s Day is one of the days people in Holland can get crazy drunk from the early morning. A day for experimenting with drugs, outdoor sex with strangers and lots and lots of alcohol. The images and movies speak for themselves.

So consider this a free holiday tip. If ever you decide to come to Holland come around this period. Since 5th of May is Liberation Day (ingredients once again live music, drinks and drugs) you can have two kick-ass-parties in a week time. The time in between should be enough for taking those pictures wind windmills, tulips and bicycles to show your mom when you get home. Especially since starting from next year Queen’s Day will become King’s Day and celebrated on April 26. Like said before, not that anyone really cares. As long as there is a day that it’s acceptable to get wild and crazy drunk.

Here’s a small impression of what to expect…

Downtown Nijmegen.

Downtown Nijmegen.

An extra 800.000 party-people came to Amsterdam for Queen's Day.

An extra 800.000 party-people came to Amsterdam for Queen’s Day.

Traffic jam in Amsterdam.

Traffic jam in Amsterdam.

Canals in Amsterdam.

Canals in Amsterdam.

The night before Queen's Day is a big thing in Den Haag.

The night before Queen’s Day is a big thing in Den Haag.

People partying in Eindhoven.

People partying in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven has a pretty big party too on Queen's Day.

Eindhoven has a pretty big party too on Queen’s Day.

Laser show in Groningen.

Laser show in Groningen.

Micky Bumbar

2 thoughts on “God save the queen, king… Who cares, let’s get drunk!

  1. haha!! I know all about Holland and their amazing events. Was there for the Euro 2000, and the final game for world cup soccer in 2012. Even got on TV for wearing my south african clothes and a vuvuzela blow broadcast just before the game on RTL5. I love holland!! two days after the world cup soccer final, there were apparently 1 million people all over the grachte (the canals) and the soccer team finished at Museum Plein, 1 million people. loved it, and I can say, I was there!!!


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