This weekend we explode harder than a suicide bomber!

International Izbuhvam Day is meant for exploding.

International Izbuhvam Day is meant for exploding.

Nice ey, Thursday afternoon. Only one more work day left and then it’s time for relaxing. Just do nothing for two whole days, right? Forget it! This weekend will be one that everybody should remember, but nobody will be able to since liters and liters of alcohol will drop the IQ average in this world with at least 6 or 7 points. That’s right, it’s the 1st Saturday of July and that means International Izbuhvam Day (IID). When everywhere around the world people should enlight, explode, erupt, blow up, inflame, bang through every possible wall including the sound barrier.

So if you made any plans for this weekend checking out new curtains or furniture, forget it. Screw your in-laws you were supposed to visit and tell your boss that wants you to work this weekend to go blow himself. Convince your boyfriend or girlfriend to join you, or in the worst case scenario break up. If he/she isn’t down to party at IID it can’t be true love anyway. A bit too drastic? Well just have your party in the Ikea, the elderly home or whatever place you go to and make it not boring.

For the ones of you that don’t really understand what this ‘International Day of Exploding’ is about, please read our story on Izbuhvamism and join the event on Facebook. In a nut shell with this day we celebrate the lifestyle of Izbuhvamism, which comes down to mean partying like no tomorrow. Drinking, clubbing, partying, you know the drill. Now of course we do this more often, but there is always someone with an excuse why he or she can’t join. We accept that. Work and studies are important and some people even refuse because of their health (I know, I know). Therefor it is important there is one day in the year that everyone joins the festivities and gets absolutely smashed: the first Saturday of July. Basically it doesn’t matter where you spend your Saturday as long as you party long and hard. This day we explode harder than any suicide bomber in history.


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