America allows home beermaking in all states


Americans have a huge occasion to celebrate now. Brewing is already legal in all of the United States. The permission comes after Alabama lifted the ban in May, followed by Mississippi on July 1st. However, it wasn’t until now that the rest of the states realized how important it is for their citizens to produce the tasty amber drink at home.

“Finally, the government loves you and wants you to be happy,” writes the online edition of The Economist. It all started in 1978, when then-president Jimmy Carter freed the domestic breweries from excise tax. Although the American Homebrewers Association have been trying to persuade the states for decades to introduce more favorable laws, 35 years had to pass before the most conservative state accepted the awesomeness of the bitter drink. And the necessity to make it at home.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t mean that every single American is allowed to produce home made beer throughout the USA. As The Economist points out, there are “dry” counties in many states, where domestic breweries are still banned. And even if you find yourself in a place where it is legal to make beer at home, you may still stumble upon some hardships. For example, in some states there are limitations on the amount of production, on the location of consumption of the beer, on the people you serve it to. The state of Idaho even requires that brewing at home be made only with ingredients grown within the state.

But still, America is one step, or one glass closer to freedom. Cheers!

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