Top 11 Sports to Play When Drunk

People say alcohol is an obstacle to sports, but actually there are cases when drinking and training complement each other and you should try those combinations! Lords Of The Drinks present you a non-exhaustive list of sports that go well with drinking. In case we’ve forgotten something, don’t hesitate to remind us!

1. Hunting/Fishing

Going to hunting or fishing without carrying a sufficient amount of alcohol is like eating only vegetables; you can accomplish your goal but you will receive almost no pleasure out of it. Moreover, we suppose that you go out there with your friends, so drinking is a must when practicing those two sports.

2. Card games 

Drinking, shouting, laughing, cursing, sitting – sounds like a card game. The more people you have, the better it is. As card games are most frequently a matter of luck, you will often find yourself reacting very emotionally to what destiny decides. WARNING: It can take you hours before you decide it’s time to stop!

3. Chess

You sit on the table and your only physical exercise is to move your hand in order to change the positions of the pieces. That leaves you with one free hand for the glass. If you are the type of person that thinks deeper when drinking, it’s even better. There is also a game called Drinking Chess. Whoever loses a piece, should drink. By the way, a list of drinking games is coming soon as a post in the blog, so stay tuned. There is even a joke about chess and alcohol:

Famous Bulgarian chess player Veselin Topalov goes home after exploding with friends and his wife asks him: “What have you been doing?” “I’ve been playing chess,” Topalov responded. The woman asked: “Why do you smell like rakia then?” To which Topalov replied: “What do you want from me, to smell like chess?”

Once Veselin Topalov admitted that while being in Madrid for a tournament, he used to close the bars. A true professional.

4. Pool

Pool can be defined as a club sport, which automatically turns it into a very good game for drinking. Again, physical effort is not required, you only need to be precise when trying to send the ball into the pocket. But if alcohol worsens your coordination, you will play longer and you will have more time for drinking. A small advice from us: If you live in a country where a ban on smoking in indoor places still doesn’t exist, don’t hold the lit up cigarette in your mouth while aiming for the pocket. Smoke enters your eye and impedes your vision.

5. Darts

Another sport you can practice while clubbing. You will have a funny time when you see how the darts go to a completely different place from what you aimed at. You may stab the wall pretty often. By the way, try not to have too much fun by aiming at people. Most probably they won’t find it funny.

6. Bowling

A third club sport that can be combined with booze since most of the time you’re not on the track and you’re waiting for your friends to take their turns. A little bit more exhausting than the pool and the darts and you should put on special shoes, that’s why it comes after the pool and the darts in the ranking. Careful not to fall on the slippery track.

7. Table Tennis

Classified by some friends as the most drunkard’s sport, table tennis definitely deserves a place in this ranking. Although it can be a physical challenge to wasted people, you pretty much stay in the same location which allows you to drink between the points. Furthermore, it’s fast and emotional which makes it a good alcoholic game. I remember being a high school student and playing/drinking with some friends in the sports school next to my home.

8. Golf

No need to be really fit, fast and strong to play golf, so why don’t you grab a drink and go to the green carpet? Especially if the weather is nice and you have a good company, that can turn into a memorable day. Just don’t forget to behave when you get drunk, since golf is a noble sport. Or at least they say so.

9. Mountaineering

It’s not a good idea to drink before or during climbing a mountain, but once you reach a hut, you will most probably be hungry because of the physical effort and the clean air. This will lead you to the canteen, where several drinks will make you feel better, especially if you have good friends with you. Just don’t forget to take some sleep before going back.

10. Football

OK, things are getting a bit dangerous here. One friend got injured while playing football drunk, but if you manage to avoid clashes with the other players or the ground, drunk football will be fun for sure. If you prefer to keep it safe, leave the beers for after the game when you and all your friends will be dying to soak your dry throats.

11. Gym

We recommend a light gym session since drinking makes it dangerous, but be sure that when the guys in the hall find out about your condition, a whole series of hilarious comments will follow up. People in the gym try to be funny and what is better, they usually succeed.

Nikolay Nikolov

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