Lords of the Drinks goes dot com

The launch of our new name is a new milestone for LOTD.

The launch of our new name is a new milestone for LOTD.

Dear followers, given the growing attention for our weblog, for some time we wanted to have a serious domain name. And what better to launch a new name than Friday the 13th right? From now on you can find this site at Lordsofthedrinks.com. Still don’t expect major changes. Sure, it would be awesome if we monetize this blog enough so we can spend the rest of our days drinking and partying. But we don’t want to create a commercial piece of shit. This blog was created as a tribute to a certain lifestyle and we don’t want to defile that with tons of advertisement.

So far we were happy to welcome more than 4.4 million people here and received a huge amount of feedback. Therefor we like to inform you that we also have a new e-mailadress for your questions, tips and suggestions, which is editor@lordsofthedrinks.com. For better communication also make sure you like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Besides that we highly appreciate you for sharing our posts, so keep it up. Send your grandma our stories, so it won’t shock her that much when you show up drunk for her birthday. And enlighten your boss why it’s okay to show up drunk for work, before you put it in practice. Now there’s only one thing left to do. Let’s have a cheers to a new successful chapter in the history of LOTD. Thank you all and have a great weekend.

The Lords of the Drinks

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