25 candidates for the LOTD Award

Logo of the prestigious LOTD Award.

Logo of the prestigious LOTD Award.

Besides drinking and writing about booze, we also love reading about it. That’s why now we want to put some other weblogs in the spotlights that we really enjoyed the past few months. All have a clear link with alcohol and we have no doubt you will like them too. To make it interesting we’ve created a little contest, cause these 25 blogs are candidates for the first Lords of the Drinks Award. For one week you’ll be able to vote for your favorite blog. All are mentioned below with a direct link to their about page (if available). In case we like it, we can make this award a steady thing on our blog. But for now, check out these great websites and pick your favorite one.

So what makes a good candidate for the LOTD Award? Well basically the only requirements are a clear link with alcohol and some recent activity. The 25 selected blogs as far as we’re concerned form the absolute top of the pyramid when it comes to blogs on WordPress. Maybe we’ve missed a few, but don’t hesitate to bring them under our attention. It’s too late to enter this contest, but maybe not for the next one. Besides that we are always interested in new blogs and posts about drinking.

The Nominees for the LOTD Award:

Awkward Vodka – Beerfoodie – Bier & Trein – Bierbattered [.] com

The Booze Guru – Broke and Thirsty – The Buddha in your Glass

The Champagne Way – Drinks Enthousiast – The Drunken Cyclist

The Fervent Shaker – Good Beer, Better Hats – Grapefriend

I Think About Beer – Letters to Dionysus – Life is Like a Box of Wine

Liquorstore Bear – Rex Crum (Why daddy drinks) – Señorita Vino

Tequilatudes – Things that Fizz & Stuff – This is Why I’m Drunk

The Tipsy Nomads – The Wine Wankers

26 thoughts on “25 candidates for the LOTD Award

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  2. Reblogged this on This Is Why I'm Drunk and commented:
    Fellow beer lovers!
    Friend of the Program Lords of the Drinks have deemed me worthy for consideration of the “Lords of the Drinks” Award. I’m happy and flattered.

    What would make it even more special is if you would consider voting for me over on the Lord of the Drinks site. Just scroll down, find the option to vote for This is Why I’m Drunk and click away.



    • Hahahaha of course sir. But the great thing about these online awards is that you can wear anything you like below webcam level.
      Personally I’m going commando in a tuxedo, minus the pants! 😉
      Good luck mate!


  3. Reblogged this on I think about beer and commented:
    Wow! I think about beer has been nominated for an award for by Lord of the Drinks. This is a great list of 25 blogs that LOTD that represents their favorite blogs to read. Please swing on by and vote for “I think about beer” and read a few of their posts while you’re there.



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  7. Reblogged this on Broke & Thirsty and commented:
    Thanks guys for the nomination! I am honored to be included with these other great drinking blogs. If you want to check out my economical recipes of both Classic and Original Cocktails, come check me out! Vote Broke & Thirsty!


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