Kim Jong-Un said to be very drunk when ordering executions

Kim Jong-Un is keeping it real.

Kim Jong-Un “is keepin’ it real”.

We all sometimes do things we regret when we are drunk. But usually this doesn’t go much further than a naked night run, proclaiming your love to your mother at 5 in the morning or pissing in your neighbour’s petrol tank. But then again, we’re not all leaders of North Korea. Little news gets passed the borders of the communist republic, but it’s no secret that leader Kim Jong-Un himself likes to get his drink on. According to Japanese media this lead to the execution of two helpers of his uncle Jang Song-Thaek. Speaking of a bit of a bad drunk.

The two men were Ri Ryong-Ha and Jang Su-Gil, both deputy directors of the administrative department of the state’s ruling Worker’s Party. A very drunk Kim Jong-Un ordered the executions after they didn’t respond immediately to a request to hand over a profitable business to the military. This incident pissed off uncle Jang Song-Thaek, so he was executed himself earlier this month in an attempt by his nephew to maintain absolute power. It’s said that already eight close helpers of Jang Song-Thaek followed in his slipstream.

Now it’s easy to say that Kim Jong-Un was totally wrong in this case. But how would you react if your family throws you an interevention after one ‘tiny drunken incident’? Probably you wouldn’t go on a killing spree, but then again you are probably not the leader of North Korea (although we have reason to believe he’s a big fan of this blog). So who are we to judge right?

Micky Bumbar

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