The story of Bethlehem in a drinking game

The setting of the Christmas story is excellent for a drinking game.

The setting of the Christmas story is excellent for a drinking game.

Dear readers, first of all we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. May you find love, joy and happiness in your life. Now we feel that Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas are meant for just moderate drinking. But now it’s the second day of Christmas and that’s a whole different ball game. And unless you want a boring evening with your in-laws, we have an awesome drinking game for you to play with your friends. Invented by the Lords of the Drinks and based on the Christmas story of Bethlehem.Β 

What do you need?
8 people
3 kinds of hard liquor (preferably with a nice golden color like tequila or goldstrike)
a dice

How to play?
Well basically we are going to relive the story of Bethlehem over and over again. That means one of you guys is the star. He or she picks a Joseph and Mary from the remaining group. After that the search for the holy child continues. We will also find out who is the ox, the donkey, the shepherds and the three kings. We will explain the game step by step. First you will gather 8 people in a circle. What you have to do first before playing is to put the following stuff on the table:
1 glass of wine
1 glass of juice
3 glasses of beer
3 shot glasses of liquor (preferably 3 different kinds of spirit)
2 glasses of water

Step 1: Decide who will be the star of Bethlehem for the first turn.
Step 2: The star points out which people in the circle are Maria and Joseph.
Step 3: Maria drinks the juice and Joseph 1 glass of beer.
Step 4: Maria throws the dice. Take this number and count clockwise around the table till you find that person. He or she will be the ox. Let’s say Maria throws a 3 and the 3rd person is already the star or Joseph, go one further. The same goes later in the game until everyone has a role.
Step 5: The ox can drink water (no obligation, but since nobody is allowed to drink water without being the ox or the donkey this can be a huge privilege later in the game).
Step 6: Joseph throws the dice and determines who is the donkey, the same way as described before. The donkey can also drink water.
Step 7: From the donkey the three people who don’t have a role yet are determined clockwise as the baby Jesus, the shepherds and the three kings. In that order.
Step 8: Jesus gets the wine, but he can drink it slowly, since he will be the star in the next round.
Step 9: The shepherds (in the game one person) has to drink 2 glasses of beer.
Step 10: The 3 kings (also 1 person) has to drink the 3 shots.
Step 11: fill up the glasses again, Jesus becomes the new star and picks a Mary and Joseph.

Β An additional rule you can be that nobody is allowed to visit the toilet but the ox and the donkey. So we hope you’ll like this game and one more time we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Cheers,

Micky Bumbar

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12 thoughts on “The story of Bethlehem in a drinking game

  1. oh me gosh…this is way too complicated. how bout something simple…like …whoever doesnt wear red to the party has to drink all the booze in the frig. lol. πŸ™‚

    but, thank u for sharing this idea. some of us with high iq’s while inebriated can enjoy this one. πŸ™‚


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