14 New Year’s drinking resolutions for 2014


Only hours away from 2014, we try to think how to be better persons in the upcoming year. It’s a new beginning and an opportunity to leave the bad things in 2013. Lords of the Drinks disregard all resolutions like “Quit drinking” and offer you 14 steps to improve the practice of your hobby in 2014:

1. I will no longer turn down an offer to drink

turn down

2. I will spend less money on chasers and soft drinks

soft drink

3. I will exercise more to increase my drinking capacity

exercise drinking

4. I will find a job where the boss won’t mind my drunkenness

boss drinking

5. I will find a girlfriend who won’t mind my drunkenness


6. Or, I will hide my drunkenness better


7.I will find new ways to fix my hangover


8. I will meet more drinkers


9. I will invent celebrations and reasons to drink

drinking calendar

10. I will drink with my professors to earn their respect


11. I will try drinks I haven’t tried yet


12. I will manage my time better to increase my drinking time


13. I will make my friends drink more


14. I will have a drink with someone I haven’t seen in a while

old friends

Lords of the Drinks wish you a healthy 2014 full of friends, fun, love and success!

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