The biggest drinking cities in the United States

Boston deserved the title Drinking City in the USA 2013.

Boston deserved the title Drinking City in the USA 2013.

The United States has always been a country of immigrants. Built by settlers and today still many people in this world have their own American dream; make their fortune in the land of opportunities. But what good is money if you can’t get along with the people around you? This week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the figures on alcohol use in 2013 in the United States. For us an opportunity to pick a city with our kind of people. We give you the top cities in drinks per month, percentage of heavy drinkers and percentage of binge drinkers.

Now before when you check out the list you might want to check our story on the difference between heavy drinkers and binge drinkers. This may very well help to get a clear interpretation of the figures. As far as we are concerned Boston would be our town to live in. The ‘Irish city’ shares a first place with Washington DC where it comes to the average number of drinks people consume and more than 20% is labeled as a heavy drinker.

Unfortunately we only have the figures of the number 57 in the list of countries by alcohol consumption (9.44 liters pure alcohol per person). We are quite curious about further stats per city from for example Moldova (18.22), Czech Republic (16.45) or Hungary (16.27). The search for our favorite city continues, but if we ever hit the US we’re shipping off to Boston.

Average number of drinks per adult per month:
1 Boston 15.6
Washington DC 15.6
3 Charleston (S.C.) 15.3
San Francisco 15.3
5 Hartford-New Haven (Conn) 15.2
Milwaukee (Wis) 15.2
7 New Orleans 15.1
Norfolk (Va) 15.1
9 Chicago 15.0
10 Philadelphia 14.9
11 Baton Rouge (La) 14.8
12 Baltimore 14.7
13 Austin (Tex) 14.6
14 Denver 14.4
15 Providence (RI) 14.1

Percentage of heavy drinkers:
1 Cleveland 20.4
2 Boston 20.1
3 Norfolk (Va) 19.9
4 Omaha (Neb) 19.5
Springfield (Mass) 19.5

Percentage of binge drinkers:
1 Springfield (Mass) 9.2
2 Buffalo (NY) 8.7
Charleston (S.C.) 8.7
4 Reno (Nev) 8.5
5 Burlington (Vt) 7.5

Micky Bumbar

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22 thoughts on “The biggest drinking cities in the United States

  1. Haha. Yeah. I’m Australian, and we have a reputation for being BIG drinkers, but mostly it’s just crappy beer that people drink over here. As Dame Edna once said “I don’t like beer, because it’s so much like the end product”! haha. I’ve been drinking spirits exclusively for the past several months.


    • Hahaha well I live in Holland at 20 km from the Belgian border, the country with some of the best beers in the world. But still we turn to spirits too of course.
      Btw I’m sure the average in your city is higher than Boston or any other city in the US haha… Good drinkers those Aussies! 😀


  2. Yeah, it’s a small meat pie floating on thick pea soup. I’ve never used it as a hangover cure, though.

    I drink Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee when I’m hungover. It’s a really fatty, sweet coffee flavoured drink that really does make your hangover go away really quickly.


  3. haha. The drink I’m talking about isn’t really coffee. It’s actually a REALLY sweet, fatty, milky drink that comes in a carton of about 600ml. It hardly tastes of coffee, more like a very weak chocolate milk. But it certainly gets rid of a hangover, somehow. 😉


  4. Yeah, all I know is that I’ve tried a lot of different hangover cures (cooked bacon and cucumber sandwiches etc), but nothing works as good as Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee. It’s a legendary famous drink in Adelaide! It’s only sold regularly in Adelaide in all of Australia. haha 🙂


  5. Born/raised/live in Boston and went to school in Burlington, VT. Look out, liver.

    I’m surprised to see Springfield, MA on the heavy/binge lists. I think they must be including Amherst, MA in the general Springfield area. That would account for Zoo-Mass (UMass Amherst) and a few other colleges.


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