Men in Saudi Arabia get whip lashes and jail time for party with alcohol and girls

Drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia leads to physical torture.

Drinking alcohol in Saudi Arabia leads to physical torture.

A scandalous incident occurred last Monday in Saudi Arabian city of Taif as 7 men were sentenced in court to 99 whip lashes and long time jail terms. The reason: they were caught partying with girls and alcohol. No, this wasn’t a sex orgy or something, but just a party of students of both sexes and there was alcohol present. The 2 organizers of the party were punished hardest with both 20 months in jail and 99 lashes, handed to them in front of the girls’ college as an example.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the toughest Islamic laws (Sharia). Although we already explained to you that technically alcohol should not be prohibited for Muslims, in this country it’s considered a major sin. Still the 7 men, along with 15 women who were also arrested, just wanted to experience something close to a normal student life. The other 5 guys present also got 99 lashes and 8 months in jail. What happened to the girls wasn’t revealed by the Saudi authorities. However in similar cases before were handed to their families.

 Of course our sympathies are with the punished students. One can only hope that the people in Saudi Arabia will soon liberate themselves from the retards in charge.

Micky Bumbar

19 thoughts on “Men in Saudi Arabia get whip lashes and jail time for party with alcohol and girls

  1. poor dudes. they just wanted to hang out with some ladies, and now they are in prison.

    if i was jailed everytime i wanted to hang out with ladies, i would already be a career criminal.


  2. Saudi guys now party with girls in places where they couldn’t be catch. Regardless of alcohol, even dating your girlfriend will put you in danger and you maybe in person for this. I didn’t know how I had the courage to date my ex in public places.


      • I was actually very young so yeah when someone dates they pretend to be married or siblings, but normally people now date in their houses so they dont get caught. About the marriage, some people let their mother chooses a girl for him you can say arranged marriage, and other fall in love just like I did but I couldn’t marry her for some reason.


  3. Very well done i am proud that my country is still doing things that are loved to allah do like this only and makes us proud


    • You mean you are proud some people still try to party even though it’s illegal to do this in the proper way? In that case I totally agree with you. These men who were punished are heroes in my book!


  4. I’m a muslim now, I am a christian before. I have experience being drunk. I think you didn’t experience being drunk. I don’t want to be drunk again. It’s worse than smelling and inhaling solvent or rugby.


  5. 99 lashes..they got off bf was caught sober in a private house that had alcohol in it…6 mths prison, 250 lashes ( 15 a week, every friday in public )…the king should take a good hard look at himself!


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