Euromonitor: Koreans biggest consumers of hard liquor in the world

Apparently Koreans are a serious force to be recogned with when it comes to drinking.

Apparently Koreans are a serious force to be recogned with when it comes to drinking.

When we think of hardcore drinkers some countries come to mind: Russia, Ukraine or Poland to name a few. But according to Euromonitor none of these countries comes even close to South Korea when it comes to the amount of consumed hard liquor. The market intelligence firm claims Koreans take more than twice as many shots a week than Russians. Euromonitor investigated the drinking behavior in 44 countries. Far behind South Korea (average of 13.7 shots of hard liquor per adult) Russia (6.3), Philippines (5.4), Thailand (4.5), Japan (4.4), Bulgaria and Ukraine (both 3.9) scored highest. Check the full list below.

While the huge lead Korea has on the other countries comes as a bit of a shock it’s no wonder that they score some points. When we were doing our research for the Korean hangover cure hae jang guk we already found out that they have quite the drinking culture. Koreans literally drink till they drop. Euromonitor also stated that 97% of all the consumed spirits in South Korea was the local specialty called soju, a fermented rice spirit.

Average number of shots of any kind of spirit per adult:
1. South Korea 13.7
2. Russia 6.3
3. Philippines 5.4
4. Thailand 4.5
5. Japan 4.4
6. Bulgaria 3.9
Ukraine 3.9
8. Slovakia 3.8
9. Brazil 3.6
10. USA 3.3
11. Czech Republic 3.0
Germany 3.0
13. Finland 2.9
14. Venezuela 2.8
15. France 2.7
Spain 2.7
17. Ireland 2.6
18. Canada 2.5
19. Chile 2.3
United Kingdom 2.3
21. Netherlands 1.9
22. Austria 1.8
Belgium 1.8
South Africa 1.8
25. Greece 1.6
Norway 1.6
27. China 1.5
28. Colombia 1.4
Mexico 1.4
Switzerland 1.4
31. Sweden 1.3
Thaiwan 1.3
32. India 1.2
Italy 1.2
United Arabic Emirates 1.2
35. Israel 1.1
36. Argentina 1.0
Portugal 1.0
38. Turkey 0.6
39. Peru 0.4
40. Malaysia 0.3
41. Vietnam 0.2
42. Morocco 0.1
43. Egypt 0.0
Indonesia 0.0

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