Canadian Mormon town might lift 109 year old ban on booze

This lovely little town will possibly soon lift an alcohol ban that has been around for 109 years.

This lovely little town will possibly soon lift an alcohol ban that has been around for 109 years.

These are difficult times for people who love a drink. Everywhere around the world taxes on alcohol are going upand this month there is even a lobby to stay sober in October. Ridiculous of course, but it’s not all bad. The Canadian town Cardston in the province Alberta might lift a 109 year ban on alcohol. The 3.500 habitants will have the chance to vote on the matter in a plebiscite. The question is pretty simple: “Are you in favour of alcohol sales within the town of Cardston?”

Now you might wonder why a Canadian village would have such a prohibition. Isn’t Canada a known drinking country? Well, Cardston was founded in 1887 by Mormon settlers and today still 80% of the residents are Mormons. Their church doesn’t allow them to drink alcohol, coffee or tea. But not only do they live sober and boring lives themselves, they expect others to do the same. But of course this prohibition is killing for tourism. The plebiscite might lead to restaurants being able to seel alcoholic drinks, however it does not call for the opening of liquor stores. Well, it’s a start. At the moment the nearest place to buy alcohol is a town called Fort Macleod, which is over 60 kilometres north of Cardston.

Update: We are sad to inform you that the residents of Cardston voted to keep their booze ban intact. Prohibition got 1089 votes, while only 347 people were willing to make their town a livable place. They also voted against sporting events and other facilities on Sundays and the idea of keeping backyard hens. Weird fuckers those Mormons.


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12 thoughts on “Canadian Mormon town might lift 109 year old ban on booze

  1. These folks are sooo danged deeprived! Not even tea and coffee…!

    But, wait a minute. these men might be happy after all…arent these the dudes who have several wives?…well, there ya go…! Lots of loving and warmth!

    It’s the women I feel for. I hope they find joy somewhere somehow. 🙂


    • Hahahaha like people from Finland and Sweden taking a booze cruise to Estonia. Oh yeah I can picture that. Probably they do this on Sundays when everyone else is inside and can’t see them leave. Only hear them come back I guess. 😀


  2. I grew up in that town. When i was a kid the spread was about 90% mormon to 10% other. I was part of the other. We used to go to Babb Montana to get beer and something called Everclear (nasty stuff). Funny story… when myself an 3 other non-Mormon kids graduated, we spent the evening at my friends house where his mother let us drink from her cabinet. After a significant glow we decided to go to the school gym where the mormon safe grad was being held only to find 2 people throwing a frisbee about with food enough for 100. All the mormons had gone to the kegger in the bush.
    Just because there is a bylaw it doesnt mean the kids are compliant.


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