Public Health England is spreading dirty lies about alcohol and liver disease

Despite what Public Health England says alcohol is not the main enemy of our livers.

Despite what Public Health England says alcohol is not the main enemy of our livers.

Many times before we have read filthy lies about the negative effects of alcohol on the human health. But not often has the propaganda been as bad as the fixed results of a research by Public Health England (PHE). This organisation found out that the number of deaths by liver disease in the United Kingdom in the last 12 years went up by 40%. Indeed a shocking raise that they blame the booze for. Like people in England getting smashed is a new thing. The fact that people in the Western World eat unhealthy as never before and use all kinds of medications for the smallest ailments is not even mentioned. Therefor it’s time to expose these bastards for the lying cunts that they are, I feel British already.

Let’s start with some exact numbers. Liver disease is known in the United Kingdom as the ‘fifth big killer’, following cancer, heart disease, strokes and respiratory disease. Between 2001 and 2012 the number of deaths by failing livers went up from 7.841 to 10.948. The total death rate in the UK in 2012 was almost half a million people. Where liver disease causes just over 2% of all deaths, cancer (29%) and heart diseases and strokes (28%) score way higher. It might be interesting to know that teetotalers are likely to end in that last group since a life without alcohol is likely to cause heart problems. Research has shown that heavy drinkers usually outlive people who stay abstinent.

According to the researcher working for PHE named Julia Verne 37% of all fatal cases of liver disease are because of alcohol. That strengthens our belief that the majority of 63% has nothing to do with it. Still miss Verne claims “we should raise awareness, nationally and locally.” Great idea Julia, let me start by saying I am very aware of you scaring people with bullshit. People have been dying of liver disease in the UK for hundreds of years. Your 37% of 10.948 (4.051 people) is not that alarming, although every death of a great drinker should be mourned for, as well as his or her life deserves several drinks.

The main question should be why you put the focus on alcohol. People aren’t drinking more than before. If any they drink less. But do you know how bad party drugs like XTC are for the liver? How bad it is to eat at McDonalds on a regular basis? How bad it is to pop a pill each time you have a cold or a headache? But God forbid anyone would take on fast food restaurants or the pharmaceutical industry. Well, we are done with the lies that people like you keep spreading. We enjoy our liquor quite a lot more than your average moderate drinker. On the other hand we prepare our healthy hangover cures usually from scratch with pure products and when we’re sick we turn to traditional medicines in a bottle. Not sure if our livers will be around forever but I sure as hell don’t expect cardio problems anytime soon. Cheers!

Micky Bumbar


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7,841 to 10,948

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