Drunk guy tries to rob a bank in Tallahassee to pay for his cab

Stanley Geddie, the drunk bankrobber.

Stanley Geddie, the drunk bankrobber.

A drunken man tried to rob a bank in Tallahassee (USA) last Wednesday. The 46-year old Stanley Geddie stumbled out of a taxi and told the driver to wait for him outside the Capital City Bank, as he was going to get the 25.50 dollar he owed him for the ride. Once inside Geddie told the bank manager he was carrying a .357 handgun, as well as C4 plastic explosives. The drunken robber demanded 100.000 dollar or he would ‘blow the place up’. He also claimed he had the place surrounded.

The police had a pretty easy task taking care of Geddie. Tellers called 911 after the manager closed the door of his office with Geddie inside. When they arrived the taxi driver already told them the robber was quite drunk. The bank manager later said the ‘guest’ in his office looked “very intoxicated and spaced out”. The police used a taser to arrest Geddie, after which they concluded he had no firearms or explosives on him. The criminal mastermind did wear two pairs of pants, so he could change his appearance after the robbery.

Geddie was charged with robbery, resisting arrest and petty theft. That last one was because the cab driver pressed charges over the unpaid taxi bill.

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