Bond movie crew goes on a drunken rampage in private airplane

The private plane that took the Bond crew from Essex to Mexico City.

The private plane that took the Bond crew from Essex to Mexico City.

There is always enough drunken action going on in Bond movies. An English study concluded that Agent 007 must be a ‘functioning alcoholic’. But apparently there is plenty of action going on behind the scenes too. The 18th of March all hell broke loose when members of the film crew for the new Bond movie got smashed in a private jet from England to Mexico. They vomited and urinated on the floor, ignored the non-smoking policy, verbally abused the cabin crew and even removed a safety pin from one of the aircraft’s doors. With that the Bond boys and girls triggered an international  air safety alert.

Among the 150 people traveling to Mexico were cameramen, technicians and stunt men. Stars of the new Bond film Spectre (a 260 million euros production) like Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci were not on board. The movie production company Eon is currently investigating the ‘ intimidatory and frightning behaviour’, as it was called in a damning report by aircraft company Hi Fly. Experts say the situation with the removed safety pin could have led to a mid-air disaster.

A worker at Toluca Airport in Mexico City described the interior of the  Airbus 330 as if ‘a pack of wild animals had gone through it’. He said the airline had to bring in specialists to clean the vomit and urine from the airplane’s aisles, which costed 20.000 pesos (around 1200 euros). Hi Fly only agreed to do the return flight if all passengers on board remain completely sober.


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3 thoughts on “Bond movie crew goes on a drunken rampage in private airplane

    • Well… Since these were not the star actors but just cameramen and technicians, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them lost their job. Would it have been Daniel Craig he could probably keep it after paying a few thousand bucks.


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