3 Drinking Games that Will Surprise and Smash Everyone

If you're not afraid to take a couple of shots, you might want to try one of these LOTD drinking games.

If you’re not afraid to take a couple of shots, you might want to try one of these LOTD drinking games.

When you invited some friends over for drinks at your place it’s always good to have some aces up your sleeve, some surprises worth talking about afterwards. Well, what better surprise than a new drinking game that gets everyone completely drunk? You know, that hammered that make your guests say “I guess you should have been there”, when they tell their friends. In this post we’ll introduce you to 3 drinking games that none of your friends probably ever played before. All 3 were created by the Lords of the Drinks. But don’t be afraid to spread the word.

All three games are relatively easy (at least when you start playing) and you don’t need many props to play them. You will find that most of them actually require some tactical insight as well. But most important is that each game in the end knows only winners. Or as your neighbours might call it: “piss-drunk idiots who kept us up all night.”

Game 1: Donkeys
Props: 2 dice, straws, donkey hat (preferably the kind the naughty kid in class wears in comic books, but any hat or cap will do), shotglasses and some kind of booze.
Amount of people: 3 to 8 (5 or 6 is optimal)
Place to play: a bar or at least a public place
Rules: Form a circle around the table and take turns rolling the dice. Someof the stones or combinations have a meaning.

Total of 5 (A Donkey Shot): With every combination of dice that forms the number 5 (4+1 and 3+2) the one who threw this has to make a donkey sound (Ee-Aaaaaaaah!!!) as loud as he can, after which the whole table takes a shot. The one who threw 5 now puts on the donkey hat and is excluded from throwing or drinking until the next Donkey Shot.
Every 5 (A Donkey Ride): With every 5 you throw you can give a shot away to another player. Everything is possible as long as you don’t drink it yourself. So in the rare case you threw a double-five you can give a shot to both your neighbours, or you can give them both to a single person.
1 + 1 (The Mule Kick): The player who threw a double-one has to take three shots. Probably you don’t need an explanation why this combination is called the Mule Kick.
6 + 6 (The Hay Stack): Now here’s where the straws come in. When you throw a double-six, you must drink 2 shots through a straw. One at a time or shotgun, but you must use straws.

If you didn’t throw any of the things above, you pass the dice on to your neighbour. The game ends when everyone is too drunk to play or the bartender kicks you out cause he can’t stand the donkey sounds anymore.

Game 2 Rock-Paper-Three Shots:

Props: 1 dice, shotglasses and some kind of liquor
Amount of people: 3 to 8 (5 or 6 is optimal)
Place to play: Anywhere
Rules: All players gather in a circle and take turns rolling the dice. Every number involves a task. Once this task is completed, the dice moves on clockwise to the next player. Oh, and unless the game allows you to, you can not visit the toilet at any time

What to do with these numbers:
1 Drink 1 shot
2 Choose someone from the group to do a shot with you
3 Challenge someone from the group for a game of rock-paper-sissors (best of three). The loser takes 3 shots.
4 Get on your hands and knees in the middle of the circle. You will be the table till your next turn or till someone else throws a 4. Shotglasses must stand and be filled on your back, bottles can stay on the ground for safety reasons (safety of the bottle that is).
5 You can have a toilet break.
6 Name that Thing*

Name that Thing: Before the start of a game you roll the dice. The player who has the highest number can come up with a category for Name that Thing, for example the category could be ‘American presidents’. During the game whenever someone throws a 6, he or she must name an American president. When they can’t come up with one or they name one that was already mentioned (even by somebody else), they have to drink a shot.

Game 3 Pissheads:

Props: a deck of cards, shotglasses, a lot of alcohol
Amount of people: 2 to 6 (3 or 4 is optimal)
Place to play: Anywhere
RulesFirst pick a type of booze that you can handle a lot of, since you’ll have to take  plenty of shots during a single game. Even with a solid number of players it’s still  possible to receive quite a large amount of alcohol, so  maybe it’s best if you try it the first time with beer. Just to get the hang of the game.

You start with a complete deck of cards but without the jokers. Deal all 52 cards equally over the players and put aside what you have left. So in case you play with 3 players, you give everyone 17 cards and throw away 1. Keep the cards that are not in the game  closed. The game  itself is quite simple. The person left of the dealer starts and after that you continue clockwise.

In the game we have the numbers 2 to 10 and the other cards that we call pissheads. The numbers just stand for the number of shots that need to be drunk, but the pissheads have special functions that can influence the game. Before we discuss those you have to know that you should always meet the kind of cards (hearts, spades, etc.) that is asked for, but only if you can raise the number of shots. So you can put a 3 on a 2 but not the other way around. If you can’t put on a card, you have to drink the amount of shots that the last card called for. So if your neighbor threw on a 7 of diamonds and you have no higher diamonds or a pisshead that can get you off the hook, you take 7 shots. The one who had to drink, can start the next turn.

So far quite easy right?  But the pissheads have a huge influence on this game. Here are their functions:

Jacks: You can always throw it on (hearts on clover is no problem). After throwing it on you pick a person (can also be yourself) that has to drink the amount of shots that was last called for.
Queens: You can always throw it on. This is a welcome card for those who are suffering. You don’t have to  drink but you can start the new turn.
Kings: You can always throw it on. But when you do, you have to drink the number of shots last called for. Are you a weak drinker, throw it on a 2. Are you thirsty, snatch that 8 or 9 shots even though you have a 10 in your hand.
Aces: You can throw them only on their own kind. So  hearts on hearts only. All aces have their own special function:
Hearts: All players have to drink the amount of shots last called for.
Spades: The first person (can not be  the one  who played the ace) that throws on a number of spades, can pick another player that has to drink this amount of shots.
Clovers: Everyone has to drink shots, except for the one who threw on the ace.
Spades: Someone can throw away a card they want to get rid of without consequences. But only the one who throws first.

If you can throw on anything, you are obligated to do so. If you can’t, just pass and you are out of the game till the next turn starts. If a player is without cards, the person with most cards can start the next turn. If some people have the same amount of cards, just go clockwise to one of them.
Also an important additional  rule  is that you can not use the bathroom unless you just threw on a pisshead.

So that was all.  It may seem like a lot but it’s really not that hard once you figured out what all the aces do. So give it a try and smash yourself. Enjoy!

Micky Bumbar


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