11 Hilarious Drunken Snowmen

As soon as the snow starts to fall it’s time for the great creations, like these beer chugging grandpa and grandma.

As winter is really hitting the Northern Hemisphere so are the snow flakes in many places. And that means party time for the creative minds among us. From snow fortresses to iglos, to funny looking snowmen. In that last category we found a large amount of thirsty ones too and we couldn’t resist sharing some great pictures with you. Please enjoy these 11 hilarious drunken snowmen.

1. The Civilized Drinking Session


Two snowmen having a civilized drinking session.

2. The Beer Freak


The beer freak.

3. The Last of the Bohemians


The last of the Bohemians.

4. The Beer Chugger


The beer chugger.

5. The Pimm’s Cup Party


The Pimm’s Cup party.

6. The Drinking Gang


The drinking gang.

7. The Keg Chugging Oldies


The keg chugging grandpas.

8. The Kid at a College Party


The college kid.

9. The Drinking Session


The drinking session.

10. The Lonely Warrior.


The lonely warrior.

11. The Drunk Kids


The drunk kids.

Micky Bumbar


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