16 Reasons Why Men Who Drink Whiskey Make the Best Lovers 

According to our guest writer men who drink whiskey are sexually attractive.

It’s been a while since we had a guest post and this one really makes us happy. As the header clearly states it’s a plea why men who drink whiskey are sexually attractive. Now of course we always hoped that’s how the opposite sex gazed on us as we were enjoying a fine glass at the bar, but we would never dream to write any of those thoughts down. A post from the Lords of the Drinks (both quite the whiskey fans) on the matter would look either cocky or suggest we are attracted to guys. Luckily we were approached by the talented writer Hazel Morgan who wrote this article for us. Before we get to the story itself a little information about today’s guest author. Hazel is a certified whiskey and wine geek and is associated with Remedyliquor.com. She inherited the passion for whiskey and wine from her family. She loves blogging, writing, reading, learning, and teaching, about whiskey and wine. She has been in the whiskey world for about 3 years and tries to share her knowledge about wine and whiskey in a way to encourage and inspire new drinkers. Please enjoy her debute on LOTD.

Out of all the men out there, there is something attractive and strong about the ones who love to drink whiskey. Tough, tan and mighty- They are irresistibly attractive. They have got a very spell-binding personality and a very appealing attitude. They are very charming, knowledgeable as well as mysterious. Men who drink beer aren’t as attractive and seem quite baldy. On the other hand, the men who drink tequila seem too loud which doesn’t make them very handsome. Whiskey is the perfect drink and brings a perfect stability of the craze and straight edge. He appreciates and admires the beauty of the little things in life. Men can nose whiskey easily.
He is a man who is doing very good in life and you will be surprised and amazed and how amazing they are as lovers. Not just betwitching their partner by their words, they are extraordinarily sexy in bed too. Let us have a look at 16 reasons which justify that men who drink whiskey are indeed the best lovers.  

 1. He understands himself:
A man who drinks whiskey is very well versed with his likes and dislikes. He is not afraid of letting people know about him and finds comfort with himself. He is very confident and not nervous at all while giving the way or taking control of things.  

 2. He is an old soul:
His standard and sturdy personality makes him a great guy in every way. Making love with him is always very sensual and deep. He just doesn’t like to make out without any passion, emotion and intensity. He gives it all when it comes to intimation.

3. He is unique:
He is extremely zealous in bed. He has got a unique and an eccentric personality and he loves to explore new places and things when it comes down to that. He can do it outside, in the fields, on the beach and so on. He will make every experience thrilling.

4. He gives it all:
He gives his 100 percent while making love. Either he does it with full desire or he doesn’t believe in it at all. Having sex without passion is not an option for him.

5. He believes in serious workout:
He will take you out for a ride and you might end up getting all sweaty. He is not going to creep as far as boudoir is concerned. He will totally fill it with enthusiasm and ensures that you exercise seriously.

6. He keeps it slow:
The man who drinks whiskey likes to keep it slow while traversing through your body like he explores his peg of whiskey. He takes time in making the process work arousing the passion in you. He isn’t concerned about the final act, but making sure that he does it in an appropriate manner.

7. He is solid:
He is firm in his beliefs and he knows what exactly he wants. He is strong physically as well as emotionally. This is very important as you know a man who abides by his words can never fail to keep you happy.

8. He has a good sense of humor:
He has got a very charming personality with an exceptional sense of humor. He has got a beguiling and an entertaining character. He can definitely make your days better by perking up all the conversations and his amusing stories.

9. He likes to keep it straightforward:
He is not a man who will mould you by his words. He rather believes in opening up and telling things straight up. He makes sure that he clears his points aptly and not giving a sign by saying things he doesn’t really mean. He is very wise with his words.

10. He is like a cowboy in bed:
When it comes to making love, he is irresistibly sexy and can trigger the sexuality in you. He is similar to a gun slinging cowboy and you know you’re going to hunt him down.

11. He is a man of commitment:
He doesn’t believe in temporary things. To him, commitment matters. He is a man of actions and an awesome partner. If he says it, he means it. Life with him is certainly worth living and you don’t have to feel insecure when he is by your side. He will make sure to keep you happy and guarded throughout his life.

12. He is stylish:
He is very stylish. He has got such a charming personality that even your mom would love him. It is all reflected by the way he talks and showcases himself. He is a man who is mysterious, secretive and so much more in bed.

13. He will give you warmth:
A man who drinks whiskey will keep you intensely warm. Whiskey goes down into a man’s throat and envelops a man’s heart just the way he keeps you up too. He is one of those best guys out there and his presence in itself is very comforting.

14. He will boost you up:
One of the best things about a whisky drinker is that he will elevate your level of confidence and comfort. He will make you feel like there is nothing you can’t accomplish and that is what motivates us and keep us going. He gives you a strong arm to lean on.

15. He likes a little peculiarity:
He likes making love with slight twist. He doesn’t mind doing it rough and finds it really erotic and steamy. He believes that a little hurt during intimacy is sexy.

16. He is a free spirit:
He can literally do it anywhere. He likes to keep it adventurous and he wouldn’t even mind doing it in the open or keeping it dirty. It is this amazing trait about him which makes his personality very quirky.

Hazel Morgan

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