You’ll never drink alone

Social media can provide you with the company you need in order to drink.

If there is one thing we want to make clear is that drinking alone is unacceptable. One who drinks without company is simply an alcoholic, since drinking should always be a social event. Before it may have been difficult to find people to drink with, now we can beat our own rule. Thanks to internet and social media there is no excuse anymore for staying sober.

Imagine it’s a Tuesday afternoon. You just finished a major project and the only thing you want is drink and unload with some friends. Unfortunately the only ones who are nearby have exams or work tomorrow. What better time than this to have an online cheers with friends who moved to another town, or that you met on holyday? There are a few possible ways to handle these online drinking sessions. The Lords of the Drinks tried them all.

A chat with multiple people: possible media for this are Facebook or msn messenger. Advantage can be that nobody else than the invited people can read the things you post. No colleagues, professors or family members will ever know about your drunk stories. The downside is that nobody can spontaneously join. And let’s face it: unexpected company is one of the charming aspects of a drunk night outta town.

Make a post on your own wall: Facebook and similar social media are perfect for this. You can open your own ‘bar dancing’ by posting songs and challenge your friends to do the same. It is more open than a chat since everybody can join, invited or not. You can encourage people by tagging them in a message and dedicate songs to them. It is also easier to read back the total history than a chat, so more inviting to new added people.

A video chat: preferably on Skype, where you can add multiple people for a video chat. Facebook and msn messenger also work if you are just chatting with one person. The big advantage here is that you can actually see and hear each other. Can actually raise your glasses on each other’s health. However you do need a webcam and a steady internet connection for this.

All together:  if you really put all your attention into drinking and communicating, you’ll probably see that it’s possible to use more than one way at the same time. Look over comments who else is drinking, use the chat to invite them to your ‘drinking spot’ and while in a video chat, keep your eyes open for new company.

A handy tip: try to warn some people upfront about your plan to drink at home. This way they can get alcohol and prepare for a night of boozing. Plus it saves you a lot of time to address people. You already have some guys ready to turn to. However, appointments or not, this does not mean you should not keep on inviting new people. Let’s never forget drinking is a social event.

The advantages of online drinking:
– Since you can do it from your own house it is cheaper than a bar and you only pay for your own drinks. So it can be a nice alternative for clubbing when you are low on cash.
– If you get too drunk you can go directly to your bed. It saves you a risky way home or the embarrassment of having to ask your friends to leave your place.
– If your friend gets wasted, you don’t have to drag his ass home.
– If your friends turns out to be a mean drunk, you can easily switch to other company.
– Everyone joining can share and/or choose their own music.
– Nobody, but you can knock over your drinks. You don’t have to clean up anybody else’s mess.

4 thoughts on “You’ll never drink alone

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  2. I regularly do this , Facebook is like my Old local lounge bar saturday get togethers , i used to have a forum where folk from usa,canada,england,germany we used to watch footy english footy every saturday n natter , kinda grown outa control , as it saves me a packet rather than going out in town , But becoming a realy bad habit , posting daft stuf on facebook drunk etc ;0


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