Poll results: is the modern woman a whisky drinker?

The Lords of the Drinks care about their audience and that’s why we create polls from time to time to get to know you better. Little more than two weeks ago we wondered what you like to drink when going out. Now it’s time to present the results.

First of all we are sad to say that two people told us they don’t drink at all. Even though this hurts us in every bone of our body, we are still happy you follow our blog and take the effort to vote. The total of voters was 27.

From this 27 most people (ten voters) claim to mix everything they can get their hands on. Beer and hard liquor each get a solid seven votes. Leaving wine with just one vote. Nobody claims to drink cocktails when going out. These statistics make us believe – call us prejudge mental if you want – that our voters are mostly male. Or is the modern woman a whisky or beer drinker?

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