Joke: Crawling home after drinking

Crawling home... It happens to the best of us.

Crawling home… It happens to the best of us.

Have you ever had a night you got so drunk that you couldn’t walk anymore? Well, than here’s a joke for you. All for our (delayed) day of drinking jokes of course. Enjoy…

A man got so drunk in a bar that the barkeeper cut him off from more alcohol. Of course he saw no reason to stay at the bar any longer and so he wanted to head home. But when he wanted to get up, he felt right down. When he tried to stand up, he fell over again. “I should just get outside and get some air”, he thought as he crawled out the door.
After a few minutes sitting in the cold air outside he decided to give it another go. Still he couldn’t stand and after some trying he found out that walking was absolutely out of the question. So he decided to crawl home.
When he arrived home he tried to act as sober as possible. While holding the door handle he even managed to stand up. But as soon as he opened the door, he feel over again. So he saw no other option than to crawl up the stairs and into bed, where he feel asleep.
The next morning he woke up and looked into the angry eyes of his wife. “What were you doing in the pub yesterday?”, she asked. The man denied that he went out drinking or even set foot in the pub. His wife asked him again, but he stuck with his story. Than his wife says: “I know you were there. The barman rang to say you forgot your wheelchair again.”

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