6 Romantic activities that involve drinking

A wine tasting is an excellent thing to do together. Romantic for her and a nice excuse to drink for him.

This is a post for the guys. Although there are many girls and women who stand their liquor quite well, there is still a difference between men and women in general. We all know the couples with a guy who wants to drink and a girl who wants to keep her man walking in line. For most men a huge dilemma. On one hand they want to have a solid drink once in a while, rather than going to musea, chick flick movies or the opera  On the other hand they want to keep their lady happy. Well, we have selected some perfect dates that are romantic but still involve drinking.

1, A wine tasting
A typical high class cultural thing that women love. She can spit the wine out, you have the opportunity to drink a lot of different wines for a very reasonable price. Don’t try to drag her to a whisky tasting (unless she really likes this drink), cause you might run the risk she is bored way before you’re done trying all the whiskies. A beer exposition usually is also less romantic, but if you can find one with cocktails you’re probably good to go.

2, Tour in a beer brewery or beer museum
She will have the museum feeling and absorb the historical facts. Facts that you probably also can enjoy, cause it’s about beer. The good thing about these tours is that there’s usually free tasting. Plus being told about alcohol all day will probably get her in the mood to go to a bar afterwards.

3, Picknick or boat trip
Two cheap and romantic ways to get your lady to start drinking wine in the middle of the day. She will probably think it’s harmless since in every chick flick movie they do the same. Don’t worry guys, Hollywood is on our side!

4. Homemade romantic diner
No romantic diner without wine and the more different bottles you let her try, the more it seems you’re putting in an effort. And of course she will highly appreciate that her man knows so many good wines. Of course you insist that she tries all of them, since you selected them with care. But it’s also a waste to leave the bottle unfinished. Well, you get the point.

5. Holiday in a full resort
Sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Out of season there are many hotels in Turkey or Egypt that basically let you stay for nothing. Make sure this resort has enough stuff like massages, sauna, hot tub, steam bath, manicures, pedicures, facials and mud baths for her. For yourself just search for the magic words ‘open bar’. After a hard day of drinking not seeing each other, she will probably even feel guilty for leaving you alone and invite you for a drink.

6. A concert
This is a tricky one. It must be music she enjoys, but no soft romantic crap. Crying women are not the least bit interested in reaching the state of ‘oh I think I had too much to drink‘. You know, the state where you reply: ‘oh no honey, you look fine to me. Let’s have another one‘. So take her to her favorite band or better yet: her favorite band from when she was younger. In this last case she will probably suggest herself to have a drink like in the good old days.

Of course these tips are just to help your relationship. No need to do it extra sneaky, if you follow these tips you will actually both have a good time. And if you have a healthy relationship with your woman, she will probably not mind if you hang out with your buddies from time to time and get really shitfaced. As long as you show your romantic side too once in a while.

Micky Bumbar

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