Need a Valentine? Follow our 3-step plan

Follow our 3-step plan, so you won't have to drink alone.

Follow our 3-step plan, so you won’t have to drink alone.

Well 14 Feb. is of course the Bulgarian wine festival of St. Tryphon, but there are also many people that celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February. Sure it’s a crappy commercial party, but if it makes us feel good, why would you care, right? Then there are the people who want to join all this lovey dovey stuff but don’t have a Valentine. Knowing our audience, this might be because maintaining a relationship would cut too much into your drinking time. That’s why LOTD is coming to the rescue. With our 3-step plan you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day ever and you won’t have to stay sober for a second.

Step 1 Picking up a date:
Picking up someone the day before Valentine isn’t easy. Many people are searching for a last-minute date. To beat the massive competition one needs a strong pick up line. Luckily for you we selected 25 of the best alcohol related pick up lines. Success guaranteed!

Step 2 Pick the date:
First dates are a bitch. Both act clumsy trying to make a good impression and in the back of your head you can only think “oh boy, why can’t we just get drunk and let nature do its thing?” Well, you can. You just need to pick the right activity on a date. That’s why we selected 6 activities to do with your girlfriend that are both romantic and intoxicating.

Step 3 Breakfast in bed:
If you get through phase 1 and 2 well, chances are likely you wake up next to your Valentine in bed. And what’s more romantic than a breakfast in bed that also cures her or his hangover? Therefor we selected 25 dishes from all over the world that are both delicious and effective versus morning sickness.

That’s it. Have a happy hunt and enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

Micky Bumbar

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