Best wishes for 2013

Happy New Year. everyone.

Happy New Year. everyone.

Dear readers, the Lords of the Drinks wish you all the best in the New Year. Now we know this is a common phrase this time of the year, but often used without any meaning. So let us be more specific. We wish you to…

be healthy like a big glass of red wine,
age well like a bottle of good whisky,
get wealthy like the rich flavor of goldstrike,
be pure like a double wodka with ice,
feel fresh like a cold beer,
be genuine like a homemade rakia,
be artistic like absynthe,
feel strong like a bottle of Stroh rum,
experience passion like a sex on the beach cocktail,
feel warm like a big sip of dark rum,
operate smooth like a gin tonic sliding down the throat,
enflame like a shotglass on fire,
help others like a good drink can help you after a hard day at work!

Happy 2013 everyone!

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