The importance of eating well when you drink

Chef Zhoro.

Chef Zhoro.

If you are a steady follower of this blog you are probably familiar with our anti-hangover section. Here we give you recipes from all over the world that should help you to get rid of any alcohol related morning sickness. What we didn’t do yet is point out the importance of eating well while drinking. A good lunch and diner will keep you in shape to party all night and feel better in the morning to begin with. Now we are not gonna expend our territory by covering all these recipes too, but thank God we know a guy that does.

Chef Zhoro is a weblog where you can find a lot of recipes and information on the best homemade meals. To be quite frank we saw the drinker Chef Zhoro in action and he’s a guy who can stand his liquor, so we believe in his methods. But even if you don’t, it’s still better to have a nice diner with your beers or wines than some microwave meal that tastes like a carton box stuffed with hay.
Also we’d like to draw your attention to our new link page. Here you can find other weblogs that might give a nice addition to what we have to offer.

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