A Dutch beer joke

A crate of Heineken beer.

A crate of Heineken beer.


Time for another joke. This time it’s a Dutch one, so you know beer’s involved. Enjoy!

An ex-convict is walking the street and is feeling very horny. Then he meets a homeless guy and gets an idea. He says: “hey, would you like a crate of beer?” Well, of course the homeless guy accepts. So the former prisoner buys him a crate of Heineken beer and his new friend starts drinking¬†until he passes out. As soon as he’s K.O. the prison style love making begins.

The next day the two meet again. It’s clear that the homeless guy can’t remember much, but when the rapist offers to buy him another crate he gladly accepts the offer. Another crate of Heineken beer later the homeless dude is passed out again, and again he is raped.

The third day these two guys run into each other again. The former convict is pretty happy with the cheap sex he’s getting and with a big smile he asks: “another crate of beer my friend?”
The homeless guy looks at him and says: “thank you very much my friend. I would love more beer. But can you please pick another brand this time? Heineken gives me a terrible pain in my ass the next morning.”


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