LOTD Chess, a drinking game for gentlemen


The setting for a thrilling game of LOTD chess.

Dear followers and newcomers alike, this is your newest co-host  Mr.Stefanoff and today we will be sharing with you the first of hopefully many – drinking game blogs

During the high-school years and mostly through college you will indubitably stumble upon situations where the engaging, up-beat and (alcohol-)friendly atmosphere at some points reaches an extreme level of boredom. All of your friends will either feel “tired”, make ridiculous excuses of not wanting to party nor drink and basically act like total douche and sleazebags  when it comes to exploding.

And this my friends is where you will come in and lighten up the mood with one of our innovative series of drinking game suggestions – the so called LOTD (Lords of the Drinks) Chess (a.k.a – Irish chess, Alcohol chess or Beer chess). Enough with the introduction though, now let’s summarize the requirements and rules of the game.


What you’ll need:

  1. Various sources of hard liquor – definitely having Vodka and Whiskey (or any non-transparent hard liquor).
  2. Beer – light and dark.
  3. More Beer


As you might have guessed, the Vodka and light beer are going to replace the white chess pieces, while the whiskey and dark beer will juxtapose the black pieces.

For beginners we recommend the following settings – all chess figures, except queen and king should be “filled up” with their respective beer. Examples of light beers are, but not limited to: Bud Light, Miller Light, Corona, Busch Light, Coors Light, Michelob Light etc. Some good dark beer options are Miller Draft, Budweiser, Bush, Coors Dark, Michelob, Budweiser etc. And of course, the white King and Queen get injected with Vodka, while the black ones are treated to whiskey.

  • You play the game like a regular game of chess. So your glasses can walk like pawns, horses, etc.
  • All glasses must be drunk in one shot by the owner, the moment they are hit and therefor have to be removed from the board.
  • If a respective pawn reaches the end of the field, upon “resurrection” of a specific chess figure (or in our case glass) the other player has to down the resurrected figure’s substance TWICE!

For hardcore mode, all beer is eliminated and only hard liquor plays. On the white side we recommend using different flavored types of Vodka, Tequila, Gin, white wine etc. while on the other – as many darker hard alcoholic beverages you can thing of – Whiskey, Raki, Saki, Rum, Bourbon, Brandy, red wine and many others – we leave it to your imagination. All chess figures except the Queen are filled up with the respective liquor of choice. However, the queen is a mixture of ALL available liquors on the board. And this indeed makes the game on HELL difficulty #diabloIIrefference.

So, if anytime you stumble upon a seemingly boring and downbeat situation – why not raise the team spirit of your friend(s) with a good ol’ game of LOTD Chess? If you are more than two people you could start a whole tournament which will indeed make things even more interesting.

Yours truly,





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