So you are drinking? Speak up!

DSC00385We already made clear that drinking is a social event. And as a participant in such, you should speak up and be louder, so that more and more people will notice your excellent way of having fun and join you. Lords of the Drinks will be so kind to tell you one way to do it.

Now we share with you how to make everyone around aware that you are partying your ass off. Just grab a loudspeaker – like the one you see on the photos or a different one. This is also a very good way of annoying people around you and changing the anti-party silence. Be it a song, a rhyme, chanting, or just calling people to join you – your loud croaking voice won’t go unnoticed.

Sometimes everyone wants to hold the loudspeaker

Sometimes everyone wants to hold the loudspeaker

Lords of the Drinks used this wonderful tool in a perfect area – a student dormitory inhabited by more than 400 people. And, boy, was it a good idea! No one has to shout loud or make phone calls or walk around to gather more people for the company. Just press the ON button and you will be heard.

Another useful application of the loudspeaker is that you can order someone to get you beers without having to stand up from your comfy chair.

Who the hell put this water here?

Who the hell put this water here?

Of course, not being mischievous is almost impossible while such tool is at hand. One girl was warned not to sit on the ledge of her window, as you can see in the video below, while the drinking buddy was pretending to be a person in charge of the campus order. She refused to believe us, but who cares anyway?

It is just natural that not all people were happy with the “performance”. One student said he would “s**t in a bag and throw it at the people who were shouting like crazy.” He hadn’t seen who was having the loud fun. I remained silent, looking at him with a wily smile.

Nikolay Nikolov

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