Gabriel Tamas shows true spirit of champions

Gabriel Tamas at the national team of Romania.

Gabriel Tamas at the national team of Romania.

The life of a professional football player is hard. During the long season there is very little time to get drunk. The problem might not be the hangover the next morning, but the enormous media attention. Most fans see drunkenness as a lack of dedication to the team and they may have a point there. However when summer starts, it’s time to let go of all responsibility and hit the booze like a madman. Romanian international Gabriel Tamas got the message.

In the movie below you’ll see the defender of the English club West Bromwich Albion on totally shitfaced in Bucarest. The images from security cameras show Tamas break in the door of an apartment complex in search for a place to sleep. Little later the Romanian police arrived and booked him. Tamas is not allowed to leave his house in the Romanian capital for 30 days. He better have a well filled fridge.

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