Joke: the alcohol check

Having some fun with the cops.

Having some fun with the cops.

To continue are day of drinking jokes. Here’s one about an alcohol check from the police. And don’t forget all jokes can be seen at the page of our drinking jokes dossier. Enjoy…

A police officer is watching a bar that is known for causing a lot of drunk driving. At closing time he sees a guy fall off his bar stool, stumble towards the door, trip a few more times outside and try his keys in five different cars before he finds his own. Once inside it takes him forever to get the keys in again. Most of the other guests of the bar are leaving, but the cop knows that a breath test with this guy can get him an awesome story once back at the station, so he waits for his pray.
Finally he starts his engine and drives away. Immediately the policeman pulls him over and starts reading his rights while he lets the man do his breathalyzer test. The result of this however is highly disappointing: 0,0. The policeman thinks the machine may be broken and let him take another one; same result. Now he gets angry and shouts: “Who the fuck are you, you freak of nature?”
The driver laughs and answers: “tonight I’m the designated decoy.”

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