How drinking leads to legal burglary

A ladder can be a great tool to have after a night of  heavy drinking.

A ladder can be a great tool to have after a night of heavy drinking.

Well it’s been a while but we found another guest writer. For reasons that will be clear after reading his story he writes under his artist name The Hurricane Klets. He is a Bulgarian friend of Nikolay and Micky. Not the type that would quit drinking the moment he starts feeling light in the head. And now without further adieu… We give you the writing debut of  the Hurricane Klets at Lords of the Drinks…

“Last summer I ended up in a quite unusual experience. I was home alone. I wanted to explode before heading later to a Chalga club in the sea garden in my hometown Burgas. I bought some beers, listened to some music, and then called a taxi. A taxi appeared to take me some 40 minutes later; I drank some beer on the way listening to loud chalga radio channel. I entered the chalga place, found a nice free table to occupy and ordered some vodka. Suddenly a guy came to me and we had a nice chat conversation and he asked me to buy him a drink. I liked his company and bought him a drink. But in some minutes he disappeared.

In the morning when the disco was closing, I headed back home by a bus but some 200 meters away from the house I live in I couldn’t find my keys for the house in my pockets. I have lost it. I knew nobody would be home for a few days. Fortunately, I still possessed in my pockets the keys for our garage in the downtown of Burgas. I did not want to disturb my relatives and crash in their place although I knew I would be welcome there so I headed for a shed in our garage. I took a bus back, opened the garage and I was so tired from partying all night long so I felt quite a relief and satisfaction. There I entered the good old Russian beast- VAZ to finally have some sleep.

An old Russian VAZ-car makes quite a convenient bed.

An old Russian VAZ-car makes quite a convenient bed.

Around noon I went back by bus back to the house. I hoped my parents were home but no luck this time again. I climbed the fence, rested a little bit, hugged our dog and then I headed back to our garage by bus. There I had the comfort of the good old VAZ again, also a WC and a sink. Of course, the battery on my smart phone was already dead, I need to set an alarm for waking up for 9:20 pm to take the bus back at 9:40 pm since if I happen to oversleep this time I would not have the possibility to return back to the garage and sleep overnight in the VAZ again since the last bus from our neighborhood to downtown of Burgas is at 10:15 pm. Fortunately, I ended up waking at the right time for the bus at 9:40 pm, manage to take it back home.

When I appeared to our house, guess what! No luck again- nobody was back home yet. I climbed the fence, sat down and suddenly a blink occurred to me – I remembered I left a window on the second floor opened! It was quite risky to climb up there. No chance to head back to the garage again. I decided to ask our good neighbor for a tall ladder. I knew he had one. I felt awkward when again I headed to climb the fence and he said to me: “Well, wait- I have a key for the front garden door.” He warned me it was risky but I said fuck it and we positioned the ladder and I finally managed to enter our house! There I had it- I felt the comfort and warm of it! I thanked the neighbor. I fed and put some water for our dog. Everything was OK. So this story got a happy ending after all.”

The Hurricane Klets

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