‘Lawyer’ shits on cop car

Leaving a dump while being handcuffed is quite the trick.

Leaving a dump while being handcuffed is quite the trick.

Ah yes, those are the headers that grab your attention right? Well do we have a story for you. Last night a drunk woman (44) in Seattle took a dump on a cop car. Even more impressive she accomplished this while already being handcuffed, respect! On Komonews,com we found a report on what happened. Here’s a summary.

Apparently the woman came into a bar and gave her car keys to the barkeeper, saying he shouldn’t give them back no matter what she would say later on. Then she started some heavy drinking. When she was pretty wasted the woman asked for her keys anyway and the barkeeper kept his promise and refused to hand them over. The situation heated up more and more, until the point where the police had to interfere.

The cops came when the woman had already assaulted several people in the bar. When they showed up she just stated that she was a lawyer and ‘demanded respect’. After the police officers handcuffed her, they found out she left them a personal gift on the bumper of their car. A lawyer that shits on the law, we love it. Especially since she had to pull a Houdini-act to do so.

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