11 Reasons to drink on Monday

Being drunk on Mondays sure spices things up at the office.

Being drunk on Mondays sure spices things up at the office.

Monday, for most people the longest and most depressing day of the week. It seems so long till your next weekend and you feel you haven’t rested enough in the previous one. Work is progressing slowly and your boss is being a dick. A whole week of this crap, how are you ever gonna deal with that? Does this sound familiar? Well, it shouldn’t. Mondays can be fun too. Here are 11 reasons why you should drink on a Monday.

1. To stimulate the recovery from a heavy weekend.
2. To make the time go faster.
3. Cause it’s the start of a new week. Here’s to new beginnings!
4. Cause your football team won/lost/drew yesterday. These are all valid reasons to drink.
5. To make it easier to deal with colleagues who also have ‘The Mondays’.
6. Cause your boy/girlfriend is complaining that you never surprise him/her anymore.
7. To show your boss that you can think outside the box.
8. Because it sure spices things up at the office.
9. Cause no cop is gonna pull a breathalyzer on you on a Monday.
10. Cause you want the engine to be warmed up for Tuesday.
11. What else is there to do on a Monday?

Micky Bumbar


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