Ain’t that the truth?!

Jim Jeffries.

Jim Jeffries.

,,I love drinking, I hate people who don’t drink. I never met an interesting person in my life that didn’t drink. If you don’t drink, you’re a boring cunt and all your stories suck. All stories end the same way with ‘and then I got home’.”
Australian comedian Jim Jeffries

7 thoughts on “Ain’t that the truth?!

  1. jim jeffries is hilarious. i loved his afghanistan routine “I vomited all over my blue vest, ironically making it more camoflaged than it was before”


      • it’s funny you say that, I only found out about him about a month ago and he is so brilliant and being aussie myself, it makes me proud to finally see a smart comedian on stage hahahaha


      • Hahaha… Well I can’t really recall any other Australian comedians. Maybe I saw some in stand-up shows where you have 5 mins or something, but I’m positive I never watched a full show.
        But you are right, this is a countrymate that needs to be cherished! 😀


      • my point exactly. theres a few other aussie comedians that are funny but it’s very, (for lack of a better word) lame humor. glad someone shares my love for the guy hahaha


  2. So people who refuse to drink pointless poisons are boring?

    Thought processes like that, which are influenced by alcohol, are one of the many reasons why I won’t drink..or get drunk.


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